Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life ....is not easy ...but it can be

One day we all wake up and realize that we never know when something bad will happen that will dramatically change our lives either a little or forever.

It can be something as simple as you and your best friend having words and you never talking to each other again...until you realize that you miss them and how truly important they are...to you and your happiness in life. Its repairable....

Or something so bad as the word Cancer....told to you as they say Its really really bad....a inoperable tumor ..we can't get rid of it..you only have 2 years...but this is where faith comes in ...YOU let GOD take care of it..and YOU find the best doctors you can and help that person who has cancer beat that nasty thing ...because you love them and can't live without them. and when you do this with positive strength and love and GOD and the faith that brings them all together ...Life can be good.

But then SEPTEMBER 11,2001...wow the average person never ever thought it could happen ....even our government the one before Bush ...
thought we were invincible... and because of that 3000 people died on that day that didn't need to ...and no one could fix it....a trillion tears have been shed and a billion whys have been asked...but no one knows other than hatred of us for what we have and where we are ..and what we do...but what is that...how often do you smile at a stranger and say Hi
or look up at the grocery store and recognize a old lady you see every time you go and smile at her ...do you think that makes her day ...I bet it does and it should make yours too. So you are sitting there going why is she going off on this tangent...Because I was raised in a time where people were friendly and helpful and respectful of others. This has been lost someplace...and The Lord knows we need it back.

So in the memory of those 3000 people smile at someone ...don't worry it might scare them if enough people do it they will understand ....its the way we are suppose to live....

GOD Loves Us he really does ...and when You need HIM ...HE is there.


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