Sunday, November 23, 2014

Life is never Easy , but a Little White Dog made it better for a while

Over two years ago my daughter . against my wishes brought home a fourth dog,,,this little naked white dog , she had been shaved to save her from the filth of the puppy mill she was rescued from...stole my heart and soul from the moment she looked at me.  She came with the name Snowflake , but snowflakes melt at the beach so I renamed her Sweet Pea to honor my dad's nickname and what My Beloved John called me. 

We spent the last 2 plus years being inseparable ...her , JW , my bulldog boy and me . 

This past Thursday we found out she had inoperable cancer , Friday night she passed away in my arms.

I just wrote the following piece to share with my friends on Facebook and thought I would share it on my blog.  

There are things I rarely share with everyone...because I don't want to be judged ...only one can do that...But as Much as I Love God and worship Him I worship all that He created in this world , So quite a few years ago my spiritual path took me down the path of My Cherokee roots(Yes there is proof) I learned a lot shared a lot and experienced wonderful things still do. and that is where this is leading too....White animals are healers and teachers...I have visioned a White wolf who travels with me as my teacher, a white Otter who reminds me to enjoy life and do what I need to be happy ...and over two years ago a Little White Dog came into my life and saved my soul and my life. I named her Sweet Pea ,,,she needed me as much as I needed her, we rescued each other...She healed my broken heart from losing John 3 years earlier with her unconditional love and her funny little ways. I healed the pain she suffered in the puppy mill and taught her what love and a warm bed and snuggles and good food was all about. Even tho once again my heart is breaking I know we both had a great time and she will always be with me....Wadv Little White Dog. Love your Mama

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wonderful new art and fun offered at my Etsy shop

 I have been staying wonderfully busy the last few months creating beautiful new art work and treasures for all to to select for Christmas and Holiday giving....Now is the time to get custom orders in.  

Fabric postcards prices starting at $8.00 and up , I have beautiful kitty cat cards, puppy dog, Christmas, Snowmen, Puffin Birds, Manatees and so many one of a kind fabrics I have been collecting for years.  

Free shipping on most orders.

Fairy Godmother Arts at Etsy

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