Sunday, December 27, 2009

New work ...So what do you think

The first two pics are closeups of two pieces that will 24 inches by 28 inches when done ...aprroximately.

For as long as I can remember I have collected fabrics to do a series of houses...and now is the time to start using some of more sitting on things and not using them.  As goes for all the trims I have collected in all of my travels.  When I used to go to PA with my parents to buy antique books for our bookstore or before that when we would go to estate sales I would search out and hoard old lace pieces, and trims. I became so known for my obsession people would find them for me.  I have some very very old pieces hand made that I absolutely love.But anyway the trim on the house windows is some of those antique trims.
They look perfect on the windows.

The other two pics are some 5 x 7 inch postcards that I am starting to make using my house theme ...the purple one is a thank you card for my Aunt Jane, my mom's sister and the other one the house of music I will be adding to the etsy store for sale.

I have some others in the works ...some truly funky fabulous houses ....

Check back often as I will be staying on top of posting things.  I got a digital camera for Christmas to replace the one I lost last year.  So will be easier. 

Christmas was quiet youngest daughter made a painting for me with all my favorite things, dragonfly, kingfisher, raccoon and favorite words the center she put my favorite photo of John and I on my 50th birthday is truly special.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Dreams can fly away like a dandelion wisp in the west wind only to land in a bird nest and be devoured by a hungry baby bird ....

or they can be a Blue mountain shrouded in fog waiting for the sun to shine and show the way to dreams coming true through hard work and faith .

So you say what do these mean....don't take life lightly , stay grounded and work hard and you will see your dreams can come true ...if only you believe.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does it seem like the year is almost over to you

I am sitting here thinking about all that this year has entailed and while most of it sad for me ....I still  had my moments. 

working the farmers market in Manteo and enjoying all of the fresh summer produce that we were able to get.

Adopting a new kitten who makes me laugh even in pyscho kitty mode. 

Camping in the mountains with my daughters , the dog and the cat. 

Taking my girls to Hiddenite to try their hand at mining , the way I promised them 11 years ago.

Getting to see my beloved friend Sandra and her family on the way back from the mountain trip and seeing the beautiful place she lives .

getting my etsy shop finally opened and making a few sales.

Cleaning out my storage unit to part with a past i don't need to think about anymore.

So I can create a brighter future....and make almost all my dreams come true.

GOD bless us all next year and may all your dreams come true....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some of my other Talents

I decided to show some of the other things I love to do...The Teddy bear is a 6inch high made out of rayon that is as soft as a chinchilla....his friend was a already made stuffed elephant ....He was made for a swap a few years ago.  I created all of my own patterns and taught how to make them to people for about 5 years.
I can make bears from 1 1/2 inches tall 36 inches tall and love making them .  Unfortunately I live in a area that does not understand them or appreciate them.  I used to work two huge Teddy Bear Shows up in maryland every year and had a blast.  

The Seaglass or Beach glass Jewelry has a fondness for my heart....I liken seaglass to life goes into the ocean broken and damaged considered trash by everyone and then one day many hours and years later it has been smoothed and rounded  by it rough and tumble travels in the ocean.  It washes up on the beach and someone blessed with finding it will love and appreciate it ...because it is a rare find and maybe just maybe it will be made into a piece of jewelry that will honor its hard times and travels ....and it has gone from trash to respect.

This is why when people would bring me their treasures I would never drill a hole in it only wire wrap them
...I would do pendants or mermaids from it ...and even made brooches with seaglass ...never doing anything different to the seaglass  glue..   So I learned to work with what I was given.  It is a great thing.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Moments...come and gone.

10  years ago today I met the love of my life John through a classified personal ad. 

When we went out that night we both knew it was love at first sight, 

I miss him more than words could ever express now as I did when I lost him in April. 

But I am finding my new life with out him and that means getting rid of things
I just spent this week moving the contents of my storage unit I have had since september of 2005 , everything to reopen my store and fabrics galore to create with.  But I will be parting with it all starting next week.

Amazing once you resolve things have to be done you just do them.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I have been busy posting new items on Etsy... Dragonflies

If you know anyone that loves dragonflies...check out some of my recent listings on Etsy. I created a clasp that is a dargonfly that is so versatile you can wear it to the front , on the side or to the back.  I had many customers when I had my beadstore and gallery ask me to  design jewelry easy to get on.  So I designed pieces that fastened in the front.  I match them up with crystal and semi-precious stones in fun and very wearable combinations. They are all  created using Jewelers stringing medium and I guarantee everything I sell.  I  you like the clasp but need different colors just email me ...I have more beads than most people as I have all my stock leftover from my bead store.

Have a great day

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