Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Balance and abundance

I was talking to a friend yesterday a young mother and she has two children one who is 3 and the other under a year...she was talking about how much she loves knitting and but finding time to allow it is a problem. She wasn't complaining just stating the facts and it reminded me of when I had my children my first will turn 28 this friday ...yes did she get so old while I try and stay young, well at heart anyway and lately even it has it old days. My other daughter will turn 22 on December 28 and my son (the bonus prize) will be 21 in March. Ok so when the last two were born life got very interesting. the strange thing is I don't remember that much of them as the two babies...I remember bring Drew home and Larisa climbing out of the crib a few days later and then it seems the next thing I remember they were both running around learned how to program the VCR better than I could ...and we were working on my business of making collectable teddy bears to get ready for the big shows. Now my thought is as first oh my gosh I don't remember my kids growing up, but the truth is my heart does was the balance that we had to accquire with 5 people in a small house...that life just simply and smoothly progressed (don't get me wrong it was far from perfect) Ny kids could go outside and run around and enjoy life I didn't have to worry I knew every square inch of that land I had done the same thing. this house was where my mother and her sister were born where when they needed more room granpa would go get wood and build on another room, just cutting a hole in the wall and there was a room hallways. so everything was connected. I grew up there in the summer as soon as school was out and learned how to can vegetables, weed gardens, plant flowers and share...share the abundance.

Almost every sunday or at least two sundays a month we had sunday dinner there and usually once a month at great granma's house where there were 9 still living, they were a farm family....everything raised by them for them...extras they sold or bartered...and if the person needed but didn't have something to barter or buy, GreatGranma would share her abundance.

All this created a understanding in my mind and heart that sharing and working with others creates a balance...

So now as I learn how to find that balance again after losing the love of my life and finding my way through this point in my life ...I know now I have to share my abundance.

God gave me more talents and the want to share them then I will ever use in my lifetime...SO once again I feel the need to put my place where I can share it and teach the balance has to come in and help me find the place to share my abundance. and I will so this is my goal create finally the arts and craft school I have wanted for 10 years since moving here to the Outer Banks and today I felt if I wrote this goal down it would give me the incentive to make it come true.

ANd thanks to the 3 main strong women in my young life , and all my great aunts and uncles that were there on those sunday dinner visits and family gatherings many times if we all go together there were over 40 of us ...and how even when we let the cows run loose on Route 1 highway one fourth of july one got mad it was just their way to maintain the balance and the freedom to enjoy it.

I have more to write but will wait ...till tomorrow ...

But Will leave you with this acquire your balance learn to share your abundance

I used a pic of dragonflys on a art quilt I did when John first got sick ..because if you look at them you wouldn't think they could fly ...but they exude Balance

Monday, August 24, 2009

My first attempt at Fractals

I signed up for this swap year before Last I think it was before I understood what it was ...I said to myself just sounds cool...and I love a challenge...Then I went to Rose Eushbrooke's site and fell in love with them ...I did not have the patience to create them like she does but I gave a good shot I think.

Check out her site right now and look at Shoreline is gorgeous I love the colors...

have a great day and take a dare once in awhile you never know where it will lead you.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What I have been working on

This is pics of the peyote stitch bracelets I have been making to sell at the art shows It is done one bead at a time sewn with 30lb Spectra or Power pro fishing line so they last and last...Spectra is a far cry from the monofiliament we used to use in the OLD Days?? LOL...

It is the stuff they use for deep sea fishing nowadays and does not deteriotate like the mono stuff does.

They are all decked out with crystals, and sparkles of all kinds ...the Gold one has Discontinued Metalic Gold swarovski crystals on it...There is one with blue flowers I call forget-me-knots and another similiar one with pink flowers which I did not embellish the top of...I use what is called a 6 ought bead to create them so they are substantial but not heavy...
This is one of the styles I taught many classes in how to do at my bead store...they are a blast to make patterns just colors colors colors everywhere...

I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been up too

They sell for between 35.00 and 100.00 great sparkle no one else has...

all one of a kind

Have a day full of blessings

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some new ideas,,,from sketchbook toooo???

For my birthday last year my oldest daughter gave me some Prismacolor markers and watercolor pencils...I have always loved art markers when I was a kid I saved up my grass cutting money to buy a set of 60 Buffalo markers I was in 7th grade and one of my best friends had a set she brought to art class and they were amazing every color of the rainbow ...yest classic colors too ochre, burnt umber, raw umber. and I learned to create with them. So where is this discussion going...I never played with my prismacolors till recently and at first played with them on fabric (WOW) look at the fox in a earlier post. and now directly on canvas , with some designs I had sketched for a series of Art Quilts...and couldn't wait to see them in colors...

I hope you agree how cool they are..I love them ...and the pieces I did there were 9 altogether are numbered and framed(5x7) ..I think I may post some on etsy ...not sure yet.

they are just fun and funky....

So now that I have seen them in color I definitely want to take them to the next level.


have a day full of creative thoughts and a happy heart

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why do you make Art Quilts ????

Duke University has many Art quilts hanging all over the Clinic building and the hospital...After having spent the last 3 years there with my hubby, I never noticed changes in any of them...I would go and visit them when I was having a bad moment just looking at them made me feel if that is a reason to create something for them please do ...Art quilts don't glare at you they invite you in the rich colors and textures...they let you let them into your soul when times are bad . There are 3 at Duke I remember the was a large raw applique of suedes and silkes and various sagey greens it reminded me of the mountains I wanted and needed to be instead of the sterile place I was forced to be in because my sweet hubby was fighting cancer.

Sorry but I just want everyone to know art quilts in medical facilities have more meaning than you know.

I would like everyone to visit this post and leave a comment as to why they make Art Quilts .. I am just suddenly very return I will send everyone who posts a Fabric Postcard or ATC your choice. I really want to hear you..

To get the PC or ATC email your snail mail address to

Thanks and have a day ull of blessings, miracles and dreams

Not all of us can be Cinderella , But some of us can be Fairy Godmothers

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