Sunday, November 29, 2009

Works in Progress

Just wanting to share some of the works in progress hanging on my design wall right now.
the Chicken well look closely to see what it is made of.

The lady face is one of my Soul Face series I created it from some scraps a friend sent me.
What would you name her??

The dragonfly is a piece I created while I was away on my trip to the mountains.  I used leaves from the ground in our campsite  and hand sewed them to the gray felt fleece background. The dragonfly is cut from batik flannel ...I love it because the texture and colors are vibrant.  I love working with batiks...I could do it all the time and choose to ignore my other fabrics I have spent years collecting but don't think they would appreciate it  This will go on the wall next to my Hope piece I made last year at this time.
Start creating even if it is only writing a piece of Haiku on you dinner napkin or plan a great practical joke on a friend ....or better yet in this season of miracles  Commit a Random act of kindness.
I have been knitting hats and scarves for our Christmas family its not much but its something and at least I can do that.  My girls are adding things to their box we will mail off Tuesday.
Blessings and Happiness to us all.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wishes and Dreams..start today to make them come true

I read Debbie Macombers Book "20  Wishes" a while back and it made me think so I made a list.

Slowly but surely I will try and work through the list. 

In October one wish came true that was made 11 years ago camping in the mountains of North Carolina with my amazing daughters.  Even tho we were there for reasons none of ever expected.  We still had times together to remember why we are Mother and Daughters .   Something that had gone by the wayside I think even when we were working together to run our beadstore.  We were so busy making the business work and people happy.  Then the oldest literally found her boyfriend and eventually husband and now she is off on her life, but still close enough.  The other moved back in with me and I thank GOD for her because she tries to help me get through the days.   A month before this trip my daughter and I adopted Gezzy who you have seen pics in other posts.  He was also on my list

What this is about is now to the end of the year I want everyone who reads my blog to get out a piece of paper ....make it fancy gorgeous paper...and make your list of 20 wishes.  Then on January 1 make a promise to yourself to work through that list it , love it, dream it , be it.   YOU are so important to this planet and the people around you ...but you have to be important to yourself too.

So remember who you are and how special....No one else can make those dreams come true for you ..

LIFE IS GOOD ...start now in this season of miracles to work towards yours.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks

In this day and time so many are in fear of what their lives will become ...

It is important for us to all remember how loved we are whether we are told every 5 minutes or every month ...we are loved and with Faith and Hope and endurance...we will find the means to regain what we had or to find something so much better.

So tomorrow no matter the worries...leave them in a golden box on the door step and tell all those in your life how much you love and APPRECIATE them.

A true life is extended in understanding and expressing gratitude.

GOD bless you all

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I did it my etsy shop open

I finally got my self motivated and going and just finished posting some Fabric Postcards on my new ETSY store.

If you have never seen fabric postcards they are great little pieces of art that you send through the mail. Its so much better than junk mail or bills.

Its like sending a SMILE.

They are usually 4 x 6 inches give or take a smidge and can be mailed as they are or put in a clear envelope. They cost regular first class (44 cents) to mail.

And once they arrive the receiver only needs to put them into a frame and wala they have a beautiful piece of art just because you thought of them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

What do you think ...??? REALLY???

I keep finding myself going back to this type of work ...simple in style, handstitched not perfect...raw edge applique ....then its all hand quilted. I love the look and the texture...and its me....but in the fancy art quilt world would it have a place or do I need to work towards something else. Would this ever be accepted??? Please please please help me. be very honest

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I love these Photos

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that can inspire you to do better or see beauty or hope or faith . From a foggy mountainside to a simple bowl of gourds in a old log cabin reaching for the sunshine of a window of handmade pane glass.
See i could have just written the description bowl of gourds in window.

But I couldn't I had to tell you why that bowl of gourds was so special ...just like we are special maybe some of us are not where we want to be right now ...but eventually the sunshine will make it in the window and we will see in the light where we are suppose to be going and how to get there. The sunlight will let us see the door and the person who will carry us to our next step in life ...maybe outside or maybe to a garden where we will be planted to create new things and ideas.

and the last photo is of the Oconolauftee but you look and you can see the reflection of the sky deep in the water reaching out.

So enjoy them...and see past what you see and see the real purpose and meaning.

Have a day full of blessings

Friday, November 6, 2009

I love the mountains they inspire me

I want to share some more of the photos I took maybe they will inspire you too...The mountains of North Carolina are so glorious any time but especially in the fall when the colors are dramatic and vibrant...this year being the best I have ever seen. Here are some fun photos that might inspire you hubby laughed so hard the first time I took pictures of the chickens at the farm museum ..but I grew up around My great granma's farm and the chicken house and a mom who used to have her kitchen full of chicken stuff I just love them. this is a mom chicky and some babes.

the other pics are of a leaf on my car windshield reflecting the sky and the old fence at the farm museum.

Enjoy and have a great day

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More Beautiful mountain pics

more pics from the mountains

As you look at the pic of the mountains and see the amazing colors you see why I love it there so much...the fall colors were amazing...and brighter than I ever remember seeing them. The blue ridge smoky mountains has a aura about it I have never seen in all the other mountains I have experienced.

The other pic is of my two sweet daughters the one in the yellow sweater is Laureta the oldest at 28 and the other is Larisa who will be 22 next month. Larisa is Gezzy's mom. I was so glad to have been able to have them along on this trip and Laureta is like me when it comes to taking photos always looking for something artistic.

Monday, November 2, 2009

a couple more pics from the mountains

see even leaves smile about the fall....this little guy I found laying on the walkway at the farm museum.

the other picture is of the Oconaluftee river a very sacred river to the Cherokee...

It is said wherever there is something touched by the river it is then part of the Cherokee Mountains. I always take crystals and special beads to wash there...and bring home stones and river rocks from there to share

Travels of Gezzy and Winston

If you have ever considered traveling with your pets it can be good the one photo is winston and gezzy sharing the bed platform we made in the back of the van for them to travel. as you can see they were very happy traveling in the car. We kept gezzy on a harness and lease the whole time. the shot of gezzy at the farm shows him wearing his hoody that Larisa got him at her work ...its meant for a small dog but he loves wearing it.

The only downfall we have is campgrounds do not like dogs over 30 pounds so it took us a day to find one ...but when we did "FLAMING ARROW" in Whittier was awesome . beautiful view every morning and the kids loved sleeping in the tent with us. Gezzy would take turns snuggling with each of us and winston would take turns stealing our blankets.

We went to Waynesville a town that has turned a area of little shops in a art district and the kids gezzy and winston were a big hit...the gallery owners loved meeting gezzy and accepting his visit with grace as did all the others around him.

It is a wonderful place to visit and spend some time...I met Color Pencil Artist Teresa Pennington there in her gallery and her attention to detail is amazing. She created the 75th anniversary print for the smoky mountains park.

Retreat and growth

As most of you know my beloved hubby passed on April 27th. My girls and I and our new kitten and my dog took a trip to the mountains of North Carolina to spread his ashes. In a place he loved and spent many wonderful times with both of his families the one before me and the one after.

Tuesday was a rainy day ...and it seemed all my tears came back to me that day we would have been married 7 years.

My oldest daughter had never been to Cherokee before even tho my girls and I were headed there 11 years ago but the car didn't make it.So it was a promise kept to them that I made in August of 1998 and kept this year. I will be posting photos of the trip and if you have never seen the mountains of North Carolina in the fall they will make you want to go.

One place we visited that John and I loved is the Old Farm Museum that the NPS has it is old farm buildings rescued and moved there so others can see how life used to be. the strange and funny thing was this year a sculpture had been added to a barn there of a old man ...well not really the whole man ,,,his beautiful blue eyes surrounded by glasses, fuzzy gray eyebrows and fuzzy gray mustache. Looked so much like my hubby it caught me off guard. Don't know how long it has been there...but was just eery having him watching. and the thing is this was one of the places I felt John's presence most ...and missed him the most.

Why I create (my new name Lorri Lee Glennon)

My photo
Hobbsville, North Carolina, United States
Having been a artist literally all my life, I love color and dimension.I learned to sew at age 10 , by age 13 started a stuffed animal business, which grew into a collectable Teddy Bear Business for 15 + years. I opened my own bead store specializing in Spontaneous Creation classes and love to teach everyone they could be creative and open the door to their imagination.I recently returned to one of my favorite art forms taking photographs my father gave me my first camera when I was a child and I have loved photography ever since. I took professional family portraits and weddings for the first 5 years living in the Outer Banks, I am now shooting Family portraits again and sharing my love of the Outer Banks through my blogs. Be creative, walk in faith and never give up....It all happens in God's time