Saturday, May 23, 2015

Metal Free Jewelry that is easy to put on !!! You will love it !!!

All of my Jewelry is created one bead at a time using no metal, and hard to manage clasps...I use a signature clasp of button and loop I developed a few years ago which allows anyone to wear my Jewelry with out assistance of putting it on...Dress up the every day T-Shirt with a bit of sparkle and color.

Each Necklace, Bracelet, eyeglass chain , etc  is sewn with a very high tech thread doubled that lets me guarantee my jewelry to never break and should that happen like on a planetary conversion of Venus, Mars and Saturn , I will happily pay for shipping to me so I may repair your treasure and return it to you as it was before that planetary conversion. I designed the very first pieces way to long ago now for friends who one had METAL Allergies and or two had issues with getting their jewelry on without assistance. I wear my jewelry every day always receiving compliments , because Folks I am not afraid of Color, so I make some pretty funky but fun stuff. Purples and Yellows and Greens OH MY!!! have a favorite color scheme you can't find what you want , ask me! or maybe you love elephants, giraffes or bears...ask me! I will and can create just about anything...Hey why do you think they call me the Fairy Godmother..... Its not because of my glorious looks
but I am pretty sparkly....Check out my designs on ETSY...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

JellyFish ....Yes Organza Jelly Fish

 I have been blessed to guest blog on the Slow Stitching Movement Blog...see it here.

Thank you Mark Lipinski!!!

This story is about my latest commission piece designed for a beach home in the Outer Banks .

Back In June of 2014 I was talking to a friend from facebook that lives in Hatteras ,NC She was building her dream home and wanted something special for it.  She talked about how people in her life had special quilts made for them, but she never had one made for her.  I am not and never have been a traditional Quilter , I see the art in the fabrics and somehow magically can take an image real or illusion and create in a tactile want to crawl inside and live there manner.  One day Paula was sharing some inspiring photos and one was of the Jelly was beautiful, peaceful and ethereal .  I wanted to make it into Art , a Art Quilt...but it had to be fabrics that could do this amazing colorful photo the brightness yet softness it needed.  I have been working with sheer fabrics for years, in my PAS technique, and in layering fabrics , threads, fibers and scraps into New Fabrics, making Artist Trading cards and small art quilts . So Organza was the only way to go and no batting so that Light could come through lighting them up and letting them glow and dance.  This is what became of Paula's Dream ,, a Massive 9 feet by 7 feet Art Quilt , that will hang from the rafters of her new home , 28 feet in the air and will be back lit by Beach Sunlight and the tentacles will dance in the Ocean Breezes.

Am I happy with it yes.. I am .. I wish could have done a few things differently in construction but I do not have a big studio with space to lay out such a monster piece of art!   All I had was a 6 foot table, some card tables my Brother Sewing machine SQ 5090 Named "Stitches" and the perseverance to create The JellyFish  formally known as Paula's Dream.  But it is birthed as babies are coming out of the smallest place into the world to grow into big and beautiful existence.

Never say Never ...anything can be if you just Believe

I will follow up with pictures after it is installed in Paula's beautiful home this upcoming week ...stay tuned

Addendum: March 23.24.25,  6  1/2 hours of Ferry rides and Island Hopping, the quilt is delivered and installed.
 June 2014 , a friend was talking about her dream house and posting pictures of ideas for it.  Paula Dawn​  posted this photograph of Jelly fish very ethereal , and I stated I could really get behind that photo as a Art Quilt.    Paula commented that everyone she knew (well almost) had special quilts just for them...but she didn't,,so we talked more and we came to a understanding that I would interpret that photo into a Art Quilt, not a traditional grandma quilt but something that would accentuate her dream home.  and So I began the drawing, mind mining and more to create this piece of Art.  I finished it finally, but the weather where I live delayed its delivery.  This Monday I left to drive the Jellyfish to Cedar Island , NC.   What this entailed was driving 5 hours from where I am currently staying to where I used to live (still do sorta) then drive to the end of Hatteras (an hour) catch a ferry to Ocracoke,   drive 14 miles to the other side of the island catch another ferry to Cedar Island (2 hours 15 minutes) one way .  The glitch was the Ferry arrived at 3:15 and left at 4:00 so I had to make a dash to Paula's drop off the quilt and get back to the ferry to repeat my island hopping.  Paula's dream house is beautiful and in an amazing place....and Paula's Dream aka the Jelly Fish Quilt looks so perfect there.  The wall color Paula chose matches perfect.  So after all this time you would think that was it???  Nope this "quilt" opened my eyes to a style I love working in and exploring all the options , And I owe it all to Paula.  thank you for inspiring me and giving me a chance to live out some dreams I didn't even know I had.  and P.S. I have always despised ferries and boats...but I managed quite well so My courage factor was uplifted as well.   Thank you

Monday, March 16, 2015

Life's Aspirations or ArtSpirations....

 There are things many of us aspire to do and see   and it is to be recognized as a Artist without the words so what do you do for your real job....Um...this is my real job and know its not easy to make a living at what my passion is , but its what keeps me sane?   So when I was asked to guest blog after talking to Mark Lipinski on the phone ,,,I cannot express how excited I was.   So visit the Slow Stitching Movement Blog and read about my Vision...and then read some of the other wonderful people on there as well as visit the Slow Stitching Movement   Slow Stitching Movement -should be a way of life!!!

Guest Blogger Lorri Lee Chambers Talks About Her Slow Stitching and Art Quilt Process


Any Creative Dream Can Be Yours if You Just Believe and Move Forward — If Only a Little at a Time.

by Lorri Lee Chambers
I have followed the path of Mr. Mark [Mark Lipinski] for a while and checked out his Slow Stitching Movement website and the Facebook page ( loved the story about the old man knitting penguin sweaters). I related to his idea of slowing down and stitching as a process and not a result. It’s what I do. Slow stitching is my life every time I sit down to my sewing machine or to hand stitch pieces of fabric.


When my husband and I were told that the cancer he had been battling had returned, slow stitching got me through it.  It was at that time I began to my quilt, HOPE.    We were staying in a hotel in Durham and I didn’t have one sewing supply with me during this stressful time. I knew where the closest Hancock Fabrics was located, so I picked up some fabric remnants and needle and thread to keep me sane.  This was supposed to be a one-time, short trip to a fabric store for a small project.   Back at  the hotel room , we had to wait for him to have yet more tests the next day.  Instead of fuming in anger at him and the BEAST, we call cancer, I began to sew the quilt.  The quilt started out as  black and grey and pretty dark in color and tone. Like my mood, it represented my anger and fear.

I scrounged around the hotel for the leaf shapes I used for the quilt.  I literally used leaves from the ground that I found outside of the hotel for my patterns, but after I finished the background, things were looking up and he began to feel better, That’s when I added a Big yellow sunflower in the middle of the quilt…each stitch a prayer for better things ahead. It was slow stitching through a spiritual experience, as Mark talks about in his Slow Stitching webinars and lectures.  

“The quilt started out as  black and grey and pretty dark in color and tone. Like my mood, it represented my anger and fear.”

Stitching for me is therapy. Sewing is therapy, too. If I could not sew or be creative they would have to lock me away somewhere. It’s how I have learned to process my feelings.  I’m a professional quilter and the struggle to earn a living at what I do is worth it because I cannot survive any other way.  I worked on HOPE until  all hours of the night,  again in waiting room after waiting room over the next days, sharing it with other people who were going thru the pains and trials of life that my husband and I were going through. to read the rest visit the link will be glad you did.  Have a blessed day !

Monday, March 2, 2015

Yes I am a Art Quilter !!!

When we are at art shows or other special events with our work , for the most part people do not understand or comprehend what we do. They will look at our work and say oh yah grandma did that...or I can do that...and pray tell some could if they tried .   But Art Quilters in my mind are the people who love fabric, and all the treasures that seem to follow them , buttons , beads, trims, yarns and more to "Paint" pictures with.  Now some of us have made or maybe still make traditional quilts , but unless we are doing a Baltimore Album quilt that we designed all the blocks ourselves , most people do not consider it art.

But I feel that anyone who can sit down and take fabric and patiently create colorful functional objects in the pain staking manor to which they are created , and the meticulous details in most.  They too are artists although there are traditionalists that refuse that title.

I love painting with fabrics, now a days you can find so many wonderful textured fabrics that allow us to really think outside the box ,..or take plain fabrics and hand dye them ususally in fun batiky kind of way.
But you can take anything your imagination comes up with and create it in fabrics.

I like doing smaller pieces as I sell my work and prefer people to provide it with a good forever home.
But I also do smaller pieces because even at their size they are labor intensive and I could not sell larger
pieces for the money I would have to charge.

And lets face it unless you live in a mansion with unlimited white walls , large pieces are not going to be a viable option.

So yes my name is Lorri and I am a Art Quilter....let me create for you today...

Monday, February 23, 2015

Butterfly Dreamin' Art Quilt done in Sheerplique

I am always trying to create something new and different with my favorite medium .  Fabrics and the last 10 years I have become drawn in by what I can do with sheer fabrics. Such as my PAS technique or my latest fabric adventure, Sheerplique(C)2014llc, something a little different with spectacular results. Art quilts that will glow.  A friend of mine wanted a quilt just for her and that is how the Jelly Fish quilt came about, the previous post is about that.  But now from that 7 month adventure I was able to take that technique and go farther than I had imagine.  This Piece that I am calling Alice's Palace for now is 20 by 30 inches and the bottom photos were taken while it hung in a window. I love the way this looks and works...the top Butterfly is a collage of fabrics and is free laying on the face of the quilt, which is multiple layers of sheers.  Have a wonderful day and if you have questions email me . I am working on other designs, birds, bees, fish and otters. 

All of my Art quilts are created with the help of my faithful sewing machine "Stitches" A Brother SQ 9050, love my sewing machines and have sewn only on Brother Machines for the last 30 plus years.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some of my latest PAS art quilts

All of the above pieces are done in a technique I developed called PAS poor artist silkscreen...I am not one of the artists that can just go out and buy whatever I want or need.  One evening wanting to work on a series of trees, have them the same or similar I got out some sheer fabric, fabric paint , freezer painting and plane ol' typing paper.  the next thing I knew I had some mystical little trees dancing on fabric on my desk, and the sheer allowed me to do some fun and sometimes funky applique work. 

This is a technique I love to work with it ,you will find unending uses and inspiration.  I taught the technique to a group of ladies at the SAQA gathering I hosted with Judy Glover in 2010, we all had a blast, and I saw them taking it to other places.  

I am offering this technique as a class to Quilters groups, Fiber Artists, community groups and more , for more information email me at 

Aurora Bora Luna PAS technique

 This was a Post I wrote back in March 30, 2010 when I was the VA/NC/SC/GA regional representative for Studio Art Quilts Association .   We had a wonderful Gathering at the Imperial and a class teaching this at the little wonderful church across the street.  Where we had a show in tell and lots of fun trying our hand at PAS.  Ways I had not thought of to use my technique were experienced that day .

I have had many people ask me what is stands for Poor Artist Silkscreen and that is as far as I can go as it is a technique I will be teaching and hopefully getting published in a magazine.  However that said I will be teaching this class at the SAQA VA/NC/SC/GA regional meeting on April 10th in Rocky Mount, NC
The meeting will be open to fiber artists who would like to attend to hear more about SAQA: Studio Art Quilt Associates and organization that is 21 years old and who goal is to promote the Art quilt medium , develop understanding and educate and support Art Quilters in our endeavors.

For more information  about classes please email me @

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hello there !!!!!!!!!!!

 Just a quick Hi to let you know a little about me if you are just finding me for the first time. I had a father that was an artist and he started teaching me classic art when I was 4 years. He taught me how to draw still life, drawing animals , and cartooning. When I reached about 10 years old I discovered my Mom's 1956 Singer and started sewing. At 13 I started creating stuffed animals from whatever I could find, there was a pink elephant , that was not my finest moment but made me decide I could create my own patterns and so I did. At age 15 I started making and selling my own line of stuffed animals, dolls and what evers. I was a working Teddy Bear Artist for the next 20 plus years with my own patterns and working Big Teddy Bear Shows in Timonium Maryland and Savage Mill , Maryland .I was able to stay home  raise my children because of these and other creative outlets. Teddy Bears take between 4 to 16-20 hours to make from start to finish and are not easy. But my hands finally gave out, more my wrists ,and I had to learn to do something new. So I started making Native American Inspired Leather bags, Medicine bags and selling Crystals and stones and treasures to go with them.This is where my Love of Bead Weaving came into play. I managed a Native American Supply Store , where I dealt with beads every day, leather, pelts, and more. I met some awesome people and found a path. In 1999 after returning from a Pow Wow I moved from Alexandria where I was born and raised to the Outer Banks of NC, in 2000 my oldest daughter and I opened a bead store that taught free jewelry making classes. Ocean Beads was my way to earn a living for 5 years. I have always made art, whether it was jewelry, teddy bears , art quilts Creating art is my life. I love fabrics and sewing, I use my trusty sewing Machine "Stitches" to create my small fabric paintings. fabric postcards, fabric jewelry, wall quilts, and more. Now I need to ramp up my sales so that once again I can support myself selling my art. So if you need a gift, for yourself or for a friend or family check out what I have or ask me to custom design something for you. I have earned my name Fairy Godmother over the years because I really can make wishes come true.

  You can buy or order my art from My SHOP here Fairy Godmother Arts

Mohair Bear named Samuel ...size 18 inches completely jointed (Moveable) Onyx glass eyes , hand embroidered nose my own original pattern.

Bead Weaving

#1 Art Necklace, Seaside Sun...created with a collection of seed beads I had squirreled away from age 10

#2 Art Necklace ...sewn one bead at a time , no pattern, size 11/0 beads over 70 plus hours to make it

A demonstration and class I did at Frisco Native American Museum in Frisco, NC on Hatteras Island of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
Bead Work demonstration

A day at the Frisco Native American Museum where I was part of the Journey Home Gatherings starting in 1999 this one was in 2010

Some of my Fabric Post Cards
One of my mermaid art dolls

Part of my collection of fabric postcards I have received from all over the world since 2000, and that inspired my love of mailable art.

One of my booth set ups at the annual Dare County Arts Council Artrageous in the Outer Banks

This piece was hand sewn as a commission piece I made for the manager of Caring House in Durham when my husband was fighting cancer and we were guests there for almost 12 weeks
This was a Art Quilt I created using my PAS technique that sold in the SAQA , Studio Art Quilts Association, in 2010.

One of my fabric postcards

Fabric Poetry for swap

Heart Artist Trading Cards I made and gave away to cancer patients at Duke when my husband was undergoing treatment there.  I would make them during the long hours of waiting

Another piece for a swap

Some of my Metal free Bead Woven Jewelry

Why I create (my new name Lorri Lee Glennon)

My photo
Hobbsville, North Carolina, United States
Having been a artist literally all my life, I love color and dimension.I learned to sew at age 10 , by age 13 started a stuffed animal business, which grew into a collectable Teddy Bear Business for 15 + years. I opened my own bead store specializing in Spontaneous Creation classes and love to teach everyone they could be creative and open the door to their imagination.I recently returned to one of my favorite art forms taking photographs my father gave me my first camera when I was a child and I have loved photography ever since. I took professional family portraits and weddings for the first 5 years living in the Outer Banks, I am now shooting Family portraits again and sharing my love of the Outer Banks through my blogs. Be creative, walk in faith and never give up....It all happens in God's time