Wednesday, March 25, 2015

JellyFish ....Yes Organza Jelly Fish

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Thank you Mark Lipinski!!!

This story is about my latest commission piece designed for a beach home in the Outer Banks .

Back In June of 2014 I was talking to a friend from facebook that lives in Hatteras ,NC She was building her dream home and wanted something special for it.  She talked about how people in her life had special quilts made for them, but she never had one made for her.  I am not and never have been a traditional Quilter , I see the art in the fabrics and somehow magically can take an image real or illusion and create in a tactile want to crawl inside and live there manner.  One day Paula was sharing some inspiring photos and one was of the Jelly was beautiful, peaceful and ethereal .  I wanted to make it into Art , a Art Quilt...but it had to be fabrics that could do this amazing colorful photo the brightness yet softness it needed.  I have been working with sheer fabrics for years, in my PAS technique, and in layering fabrics , threads, fibers and scraps into New Fabrics, making Artist Trading cards and small art quilts . So Organza was the only way to go and no batting so that Light could come through lighting them up and letting them glow and dance.  This is what became of Paula's Dream ,, a Massive 9 feet by 7 feet Art Quilt , that will hang from the rafters of her new home , 28 feet in the air and will be back lit by Beach Sunlight and the tentacles will dance in the Ocean Breezes.

Am I happy with it yes.. I am .. I wish could have done a few things differently in construction but I do not have a big studio with space to lay out such a monster piece of art!   All I had was a 6 foot table, some card tables my Brother Sewing machine SQ 5090 Named "Stitches" and the perseverance to create The JellyFish  formally known as Paula's Dream.  But it is birthed as babies are coming out of the smallest place into the world to grow into big and beautiful existence.

Never say Never ...anything can be if you just Believe

I will follow up with pictures after it is installed in Paula's beautiful home this upcoming week ...stay tuned

Addendum: March 23.24.25,  6  1/2 hours of Ferry rides and Island Hopping, the quilt is delivered and installed.
 June 2014 , a friend was talking about her dream house and posting pictures of ideas for it.  Paula Dawn​  posted this photograph of Jelly fish very ethereal , and I stated I could really get behind that photo as a Art Quilt.    Paula commented that everyone she knew (well almost) had special quilts just for them...but she didn't,,so we talked more and we came to a understanding that I would interpret that photo into a Art Quilt, not a traditional grandma quilt but something that would accentuate her dream home.  and So I began the drawing, mind mining and more to create this piece of Art.  I finished it finally, but the weather where I live delayed its delivery.  This Monday I left to drive the Jellyfish to Cedar Island , NC.   What this entailed was driving 5 hours from where I am currently staying to where I used to live (still do sorta) then drive to the end of Hatteras (an hour) catch a ferry to Ocracoke,   drive 14 miles to the other side of the island catch another ferry to Cedar Island (2 hours 15 minutes) one way .  The glitch was the Ferry arrived at 3:15 and left at 4:00 so I had to make a dash to Paula's drop off the quilt and get back to the ferry to repeat my island hopping.  Paula's dream house is beautiful and in an amazing place....and Paula's Dream aka the Jelly Fish Quilt looks so perfect there.  The wall color Paula chose matches perfect.  So after all this time you would think that was it???  Nope this "quilt" opened my eyes to a style I love working in and exploring all the options , And I owe it all to Paula.  thank you for inspiring me and giving me a chance to live out some dreams I didn't even know I had.  and P.S. I have always despised ferries and boats...but I managed quite well so My courage factor was uplifted as well.   Thank you


Shelley Whiting said...

Your quilt is very luminous and magical. Amazing work.

Lorri Lee Chambers said...

Thank you Shelley It is amazing when it dances in the light

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