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Life's Aspirations or ArtSpirations....

 There are things many of us aspire to do and see   and it is to be recognized as a Artist without the words so what do you do for your real job....Um...this is my real job and know its not easy to make a living at what my passion is , but its what keeps me sane?   So when I was asked to guest blog after talking to Mark Lipinski on the phone ,,,I cannot express how excited I was.   So visit the Slow Stitching Movement Blog and read about my Vision...and then read some of the other wonderful people on there as well as visit the Slow Stitching Movement   Slow Stitching Movement -should be a way of life!!!

Guest Blogger Lorri Lee Chambers Talks About Her Slow Stitching and Art Quilt Process


Any Creative Dream Can Be Yours if You Just Believe and Move Forward — If Only a Little at a Time.

by Lorri Lee Chambers
I have followed the path of Mr. Mark [Mark Lipinski] for a while and checked out his Slow Stitching Movement website and the Facebook page ( loved the story about the old man knitting penguin sweaters). I related to his idea of slowing down and stitching as a process and not a result. It’s what I do. Slow stitching is my life every time I sit down to my sewing machine or to hand stitch pieces of fabric.


When my husband and I were told that the cancer he had been battling had returned, slow stitching got me through it.  It was at that time I began to my quilt, HOPE.    We were staying in a hotel in Durham and I didn’t have one sewing supply with me during this stressful time. I knew where the closest Hancock Fabrics was located, so I picked up some fabric remnants and needle and thread to keep me sane.  This was supposed to be a one-time, short trip to a fabric store for a small project.   Back at  the hotel room , we had to wait for him to have yet more tests the next day.  Instead of fuming in anger at him and the BEAST, we call cancer, I began to sew the quilt.  The quilt started out as  black and grey and pretty dark in color and tone. Like my mood, it represented my anger and fear.

I scrounged around the hotel for the leaf shapes I used for the quilt.  I literally used leaves from the ground that I found outside of the hotel for my patterns, but after I finished the background, things were looking up and he began to feel better, That’s when I added a Big yellow sunflower in the middle of the quilt…each stitch a prayer for better things ahead. It was slow stitching through a spiritual experience, as Mark talks about in his Slow Stitching webinars and lectures.  

“The quilt started out as  black and grey and pretty dark in color and tone. Like my mood, it represented my anger and fear.”

Stitching for me is therapy. Sewing is therapy, too. If I could not sew or be creative they would have to lock me away somewhere. It’s how I have learned to process my feelings.  I’m a professional quilter and the struggle to earn a living at what I do is worth it because I cannot survive any other way.  I worked on HOPE until  all hours of the night,  again in waiting room after waiting room over the next days, sharing it with other people who were going thru the pains and trials of life that my husband and I were going through. to read the rest visit the link will be glad you did.  Have a blessed day !

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