Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GOD's Country

You know as a artist everyday I look up and see dragons flying across the sky in a cloud formation or a fish with wings.... this is not something that is taught to people but I wish it was.. We are so blessed with all the Natural beauty around us. When a child says Mommy look at the puppy dog in the clouds say oh isn't he cute... teach your children it is ok to see those things.

Then when you are driving out in the world and you see something GOD wants to share with you.. YOU will see it and say oh wow isn't that amazing. Whether it is a Sunrise or a rainbow or a glorious sunset. Stop and enjoy it ... those hamburgers at mcDonalds.. will wait they have been there all day.. or 2 minutes late to work or a meeting just think how much better you will feel having seen all that nature and God has to offer....

So take in that old saying Stop and smell the roses....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Breathe and Create

Wow the summer is about to begin and I will be busy working in the Gift shop I manage...but ...I have spent the last few days cleaning and organizing my studio so I can sneak in there on a moments notice and create something.. anything....I have so much I want to get done. But getting the gift shop ready for the big season .

I finished another Favorite Artist Journal Page ...Van Gogh' Crows in a Cornfield .. I love the colors in this painting and crows are believed to be the messengers in Native American Lore and Corn is very Important to the Cherokee which I am 1/16th ...Mother Selu delivered the corn to the Cherokee and because of this they survived. I have a quilt in sketches right now as a tribute to Mother Selu. So that is why I chose the painting .. I also always wanted to paint this design on my kitchen wall.I wish you could feel and see the yellow fabric I used it has loose threads on it that make it look corn standing ...then used some thread painting where I use the sewing machine to "embroider" images on the page. and last the crows were layered first by thread painting and finally by dimensional paint....I am very pleased with this piece I used Artist canvas for the back of the page so it looks like a painting in the raw.

I also am putting together some more Fabric postcards...playing with denim and layering sheers over a shiny satin background. I will post pictures when I get my first samples done.

As we walk through Life it is always important to breathe...and then create something for yourself YOU are IMPORTANT is you are not happy then no one should be happy.. Just kidding...but you should be happy.

Next time you go for a walk listen to the birds and the sounds around you Mother loves to talk to you and assist you in creating something above and beyond.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another good Visit

For those who know and read about the adventure of Life that John and have gone through to keep him here.. and get rid of the cancer ...He went to see all his Doctors tuesday and got a very good report....we go back in 3 months on July 29 for a MRI. they are amazed out how well he is doing and has recovered from his 2nd brain surgery in 14 months. What a Strong Man I am married to and blessed to be loved by.

Hug your special people today....

Plant a Prayer grow a Miracle

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