Tuesday, February 9, 2016

FabricArt Botanicals Gallery Exhibit

I have spent the last few weeks working on something very near and dear to my heart.  Most of you who read my blog know that I love fabric...creating with it what ever comes to mind and heart.  I Love plants and Fungi and over the last few months with the help of my newest and greatest Love (yes its a Man)  have walked many refuges in Virginia and North Carolina camera in hand.  The photos I have taken can be found on my other Blog  Outer/Inner Banks Paradise Photography.

I discovered the great beauty in Nature, is such an amazing gallery of colors and shapes and I am taking those and capturing them in fabric in my collection called  FabricArt Botanicals .  This collection will be showcased along with other Local Artists , Photographers and Mixed Media  in the  U.S.  Wildlife Visitor Center on Roanoke Island, North Carolina.  The opening reception is February 12, 2016 5:00 to 8:00 PM.
The Wildlife Show will be on site till the middle of May 2016.  I hope if you find yourself in the area that you will stop in to see the exhibit as well as enjoy the diverse collection of information about the Alligator River Wildlife Refuge and the educational opportunities to learn about the Red Wolves , Bears and birds found in the refuge.

FabricArt Botanicals

Lorri Chambers is an experienced textile artist with a deep, spiritual connection to nature. She loves creating art with fabric, fiber, beads and an out of the box imagination.   She has shared her artistic talents for over 40 years in many venues on the East Coast.  Lorri has been a resident of North Carolina since 1999 and has experienced the vast natural beauty in her art and photography.

 Each fabric painting is created individually using fabric, needle , thread , beads and imagination, hand-sewing the details. It is not your normal painting which is usually two-dimensional in nature. This art wants you to be invited in and see how special they truly are in this 3-D artistic interpretation.

 They are based on actual native North Carolina plants, many valuable to the pollination process for bees and  butterflies vital to the natural balances of the environment.  

Flowering Dogwood
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtFloweringDogwood.JPG

Indian Blanket
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtIndianBlanket.jpg

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtMeadowBeauty.jpg

Swamp Rose Mallow
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtSwampRoseMallow.jpg

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtBeautyberry.jpg

Black-eyed Susan
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtBlackeyedSusan.JPG

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtCattail.jpg

Cutleaf Coneflower
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtCutleafConeflower.JPG

Purple Coneflower
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtPurpleConeflower.JPG

Virginia Iris
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtVirginiaIris.JPG

Yaupon Holly
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtYauponHolly.jpg

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtPartridgeberry.jpg

C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtViolet.jpg

Sassafras Leaves
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtSassafrasLeaves.JPG

Red Oak Leaves
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtRedOakLeaves.JPG

Post Oak Leaves
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtPostOakLeaves.JPG

White Oak Leaves
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtWhiteOak.jpg

Red Mulberry Leaves
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtMulberryLeaves.JPG

Bristly Buttercup
C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Documents\LorriChambers\FabricArtButtercup.jpg

Why I create (my new name Lorri Lee Glennon)

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Hobbsville, North Carolina, United States
Having been a artist literally all my life, I love color and dimension.I learned to sew at age 10 , by age 13 started a stuffed animal business, which grew into a collectable Teddy Bear Business for 15 + years. I opened my own bead store specializing in Spontaneous Creation classes and love to teach everyone they could be creative and open the door to their imagination.I recently returned to one of my favorite art forms taking photographs my father gave me my first camera when I was a child and I have loved photography ever since. I took professional family portraits and weddings for the first 5 years living in the Outer Banks, I am now shooting Family portraits again and sharing my love of the Outer Banks through my blogs. Be creative, walk in faith and never give up....It all happens in God's time