Monday, February 23, 2015

Butterfly Dreamin' Art Quilt done in Sheerplique

I am always trying to create something new and different with my favorite medium .  Fabrics and the last 10 years I have become drawn in by what I can do with sheer fabrics. Such as my PAS technique or my latest fabric adventure, Sheerplique(C)2014llc, something a little different with spectacular results. Art quilts that will glow.  A friend of mine wanted a quilt just for her and that is how the Jelly Fish quilt came about, the previous post is about that.  But now from that 7 month adventure I was able to take that technique and go farther than I had imagine.  This Piece that I am calling Alice's Palace for now is 20 by 30 inches and the bottom photos were taken while it hung in a window. I love the way this looks and works...the top Butterfly is a collage of fabrics and is free laying on the face of the quilt, which is multiple layers of sheers.  Have a wonderful day and if you have questions email me . I am working on other designs, birds, bees, fish and otters. 

All of my Art quilts are created with the help of my faithful sewing machine "Stitches" A Brother SQ 9050, love my sewing machines and have sewn only on Brother Machines for the last 30 plus years.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some of my latest PAS art quilts

All of the above pieces are done in a technique I developed called PAS poor artist silkscreen...I am not one of the artists that can just go out and buy whatever I want or need.  One evening wanting to work on a series of trees, have them the same or similar I got out some sheer fabric, fabric paint , freezer painting and plane ol' typing paper.  the next thing I knew I had some mystical little trees dancing on fabric on my desk, and the sheer allowed me to do some fun and sometimes funky applique work. 

This is a technique I love to work with it ,you will find unending uses and inspiration.  I taught the technique to a group of ladies at the SAQA gathering I hosted with Judy Glover in 2010, we all had a blast, and I saw them taking it to other places.  

I am offering this technique as a class to Quilters groups, Fiber Artists, community groups and more , for more information email me at 

Aurora Bora Luna PAS technique

 This was a Post I wrote back in March 30, 2010 when I was the VA/NC/SC/GA regional representative for Studio Art Quilts Association .   We had a wonderful Gathering at the Imperial and a class teaching this at the little wonderful church across the street.  Where we had a show in tell and lots of fun trying our hand at PAS.  Ways I had not thought of to use my technique were experienced that day .

I have had many people ask me what is stands for Poor Artist Silkscreen and that is as far as I can go as it is a technique I will be teaching and hopefully getting published in a magazine.  However that said I will be teaching this class at the SAQA VA/NC/SC/GA regional meeting on April 10th in Rocky Mount, NC
The meeting will be open to fiber artists who would like to attend to hear more about SAQA: Studio Art Quilt Associates and organization that is 21 years old and who goal is to promote the Art quilt medium , develop understanding and educate and support Art Quilters in our endeavors.

For more information  about classes please email me @

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