Friday, June 28, 2013

I Am A Artist ,,,and I love to Create for You!

Sounds a bit like a AA introduction, well being a Artist is sometimes like that , we HAVE to be creative, we become grouchy, sulky, and just plain hard to live with if we do not use the talents we were blessed with. The great thing is those of you who are not the creative souls like us , can enjoy and welcome into your lives our works of art and heart.  And there are Artists like me who enjoy assisting you in making your creative thoughts come to life, either by teaching you or creating the pieces you have in always ask about Custom Orders ...

The pictures below were taken last year of my old studio,,, my new studio space doesn't look much more organized although I try.   Organize might as well be a four letter word to most artists, especially fiber artists.  There are those who have accomplished this feat...but they are ones who have the funds to buy the cabinets, storage boxes all color coordinated, the nice rugs...comfy chairs, OH and have a designated space just for their studio.  But Alas, most of us do not have such pleasure or we make do with what we have , because we just cannot imagine not creating on a daily basis or working at what we love to do. Last years Studio

So if you see a artist at a Art Show just think of the sacrifices that  they make to be there to offer you their one of a kind art.  Art comes from our souls and our hearts, we create because it is how we breathe our way through life.  Some of us use Paints, Pencils, Beads, Fabric, Old Metal , there is nothing safe from our creative process.   Many of us it is the only way we earn a living, we may be retired and trying to supplement our social security ,  we may work a part time job or two and this allows us to do what we love and still make a living wage.  But Please understand , it is not easy work , when you see us set up at Art Shows, especially shows on very hot days outside , remember we have been out there for hours setting up, working our displays and waiting for you to come by and see what treasures we have created just for you.  Now take into account all of the late night hours and time to make those treasures.   So you are not looking at someone who just decides  "Hey , I think I will make some stuff!" , because it is far from that simple or easy.

I am including pictures from my main working area of my studio, where 95% of my creative energy takes place....tell me is it chaos or just a artists studio to you.  How many of you who are artists have spaces that look like this ...after you look at the picture of My studio scroll down and see the pictures of what is coming out of my creative space , and most of them are scraps....the angel's body came from one piece , her wings from another and her face from yet another.   I love working with those pieces everyone throws in a box or bucket and one days tosses because they don't know what to do with them.

Its like learning to paint the first time and you only have 3 colors , but you need green and orange you just mix and adapt.

Business Card Holders made from re-purposed Interior Design Fabrics  $10 to $15.00

Fabric Postcards, Outer Banks Sunrise  $12.00

Fun Tags, can be used to mark travel bags, dress up handbags, beach chairs and more
 Prices start at $8.00 and Up

Mermaid Ornaments original design  She is fun and funky there is a 6 inch size (seen) for $24.00 and 14 inch size for $48.00  no two exactly alike order any color theme you love.

Artist Trading Cards  2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch pieces of Art Work all hand sewn , ready to mount in frame, Prices start at $12.00 not framed and $24.00 and up  framed

Examples of my work in one of my recent Art Shows this past May

My Fabric Postcards prices start at $4.00 mailable Art that becomes a family treasure or heirloom , each piece is sewn on a sewing machine and then you just mail it and it is placed in a frame to be enjoyed forever.  It is like sending a happy thought in the mail and so easy to send a gift to someone you have no idea what to send.  I can and do create something for everyone's theme and life favs.

These came from this and mostly scraps I received in the mail from a request I put up on quiltart ...the chicken is from all scraps from the mailing and the house is 78%....

Friday, June 14, 2013

Outer Banks Paradise Photography: Lorri Lee Chambers: Art Shows on the Outer Banks...the newest is Windm...

Outer Banks Paradise Photography: Lorri Lee Chambers: Art Shows on the Outer Banks...the newest is Windm...: A few years Ago I came up with the saying the Heart of the Outer Banks is ART...and it is now truer than ever.   With all of the different p...

Art Shows on the Outer Banks ...Wind Mill Point is the newest and the best

This summer is a great summer for the local artists here on the Outer Banks ...there are more show venues and opportunities to sell our work to the visitors , now hopefully Our Visitors will understand this opportunity and Buy LOCAL Art supporting our wonderful talented artists.

The local Artists you will find here , is the famous James Melvin, Pem Bryant, Frank Moore, Sandie Markland , Randy Hodges and more....there are over 40 quality artists every Thursday conveniently located in Nags Head.

Why I create (my new name Lorri Lee Glennon)

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Hobbsville, North Carolina, United States
Having been a artist literally all my life, I love color and dimension.I learned to sew at age 10 , by age 13 started a stuffed animal business, which grew into a collectable Teddy Bear Business for 15 + years. I opened my own bead store specializing in Spontaneous Creation classes and love to teach everyone they could be creative and open the door to their imagination.I recently returned to one of my favorite art forms taking photographs my father gave me my first camera when I was a child and I have loved photography ever since. I took professional family portraits and weddings for the first 5 years living in the Outer Banks, I am now shooting Family portraits again and sharing my love of the Outer Banks through my blogs. Be creative, walk in faith and never give up....It all happens in God's time