Thursday, October 8, 2009

Amazing what you find....

I have been cleaning my studio...and finding things I can part with and things I wish had remembered I had all along. So be prepared next week I will be going crazy creating some wonderful new treasures. Its amazing what you hold on to thinking one day and then one day you realize you won't probably use them...

I Will start creating wonderful things next week.

And the picture is of the new assistant ...Gezzy a little boy kitty my daughter adopted Sept 26, from our local no kill shelter. He is 7 weeks old and spoiled rotten...but really brightens the days around here.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Artrageous Kill Devil Hills NC

Today was a great day at Artrageous threatened rain...but it gave up and the sun came out...met lots of great people and saw some really cool stuff the kids did ...they set up things for the kids to create with and posters to paint for the following year auction...some of them have been known to go for hundreds of dollars

Tomorrow night is the auction and it is always a great time to be had...good food and artists and patrons together.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Latest works

The bottom piece is entitled THE LADIES , it is a watercolor of three sea nyphms done on 110 pound water color paper and then I "matted" it by quilting a border on it(it has a fabric back and label on it) with sea theme fabric and embelishing it with a favorite yarn that looks like flotsam to me ...and shells... This was created and will be auctioned Sunday night at a annual Art Auction for the Dare County Arts Council...tomorrow I will be at the 20th Artrageous which is family event that is the day before the auction the kids always have such a blast. We had always done them and had such a great time until I had to spend my time with John.

The top piece is a special gift I made for a friend of mine whose life took the same turn as mine a month later and we are both going through a transformation.
She had mailed me a little gift bag of leftover retro fabrics from some placemats she had made ...and challenged me to create something with them...Well it took two years But I did and it contains exactly 40 pieces one for each year for the Birthday she celebrated yesterday. The beackground is made of 29 pieces cut in 1/2 inch strips by 6 inches wide woven in a basket weave and stitched to interfacing.then the flowers were cut out and applied...I think it turned out pretty cool and she just called a few minutes ago and said she loved it. the funny thing is when I went looking for something to create for her for this special day this little bag which I didn't remember just sat there and wouldn't take no for a answer. I love being possessed by fabric

Enjoy my work please and I always love any kind of feedback positive or negative it is the only way I can grow .

Have a day full of blessings and enjoy the weekend I know I will...

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