Monday, November 2, 2009

Travels of Gezzy and Winston

If you have ever considered traveling with your pets it can be good the one photo is winston and gezzy sharing the bed platform we made in the back of the van for them to travel. as you can see they were very happy traveling in the car. We kept gezzy on a harness and lease the whole time. the shot of gezzy at the farm shows him wearing his hoody that Larisa got him at her work ...its meant for a small dog but he loves wearing it.

The only downfall we have is campgrounds do not like dogs over 30 pounds so it took us a day to find one ...but when we did "FLAMING ARROW" in Whittier was awesome . beautiful view every morning and the kids loved sleeping in the tent with us. Gezzy would take turns snuggling with each of us and winston would take turns stealing our blankets.

We went to Waynesville a town that has turned a area of little shops in a art district and the kids gezzy and winston were a big hit...the gallery owners loved meeting gezzy and accepting his visit with grace as did all the others around him.

It is a wonderful place to visit and spend some time...I met Color Pencil Artist Teresa Pennington there in her gallery and her attention to detail is amazing. She created the 75th anniversary print for the smoky mountains park.


Tammy said...

Oh my, I thought the dog was stuffed. Winston must be a gentle, giant. They look adorable sleeping next to each other.

Lorri said...

yes he is for the most part he turned 2 in July. they get along pretty good .

thanks for the words...

hope you are doing well in your art and life

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