Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why do you make Art Quilts ????

Duke University has many Art quilts hanging all over the Clinic building and the hospital...After having spent the last 3 years there with my hubby, I never noticed changes in any of them...I would go and visit them when I was having a bad moment just looking at them made me feel if that is a reason to create something for them please do ...Art quilts don't glare at you they invite you in the rich colors and textures...they let you let them into your soul when times are bad . There are 3 at Duke I remember the was a large raw applique of suedes and silkes and various sagey greens it reminded me of the mountains I wanted and needed to be instead of the sterile place I was forced to be in because my sweet hubby was fighting cancer.

Sorry but I just want everyone to know art quilts in medical facilities have more meaning than you know.

I would like everyone to visit this post and leave a comment as to why they make Art Quilts .. I am just suddenly very return I will send everyone who posts a Fabric Postcard or ATC your choice. I really want to hear you..

To get the PC or ATC email your snail mail address to

Thanks and have a day ull of blessings, miracles and dreams

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Judy Whitehead said...

Lorri I make art quilts because I have to. It's a need within me to express myself and fiber is one of my chosen mediums. Usually there is an emotion or a story behind the quilt, which may or may not be visible to others, but I know it's there.


Juliet A said...

I don't make art quilts, I don't even want you to have to send me a card, I just want you to know that I am here, reading your blog, and I find it uplifting just to look at the beautiful work you are showcasing.

Lorri said...

Dear Juliet

Thank you so much for your comments it is so great to receive such from someone I don't know yet.
Please continue to enjoy and post any comments when you find time

Blessings to you

Lorri said...

Judy thanks I feel the same way ...for me not to create especially now that I have had the time to ....really concentrate on it for awhile and get it to where it may be able to support me is amazing...keep creating

Blessings to you

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lorri! Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your world with us! I've always been drawn to painting & sketching, but making art quilts gives me another high. I love the freedom to place what my eyes and hands want to see and feel. As you know, I completely handstitch all my art quilts and that gives me another sensation to it all. I love your art quilts too and you do not need to send me one either. I enjoy coming to visit and commenting wheneven possible. Have a wonderful week sweetie!

Creative Blessings,
Lisa :)

Mary said...

Lorri- I loved this post- and am touched that those quilts at Duke brought you some comfort during troubling times. My daughter works in oncology at Duke- perhaps you met her? Megan Buchanan... anyway- fiber gives us a comfort that paper and pencil can't- it begs to be touched and explored. And offers fellowship and a tactile uplifting... I could go forever abt why I work in fabric- Thank you for the post- It touched me- BTW I agree with your comment on the QuiltingArts list about seaglass...

Dawn said...

I totally agree with your post Lorri. I found the same solace just last month at Mayo Clinic. I'm so sorry for your husband's pain and suffering -- and yours. We're in a similar situation and you're absolutely right, the art on the walls help. They seem to give us a place to 'go' when we can't stand being where we are.


Lorri said...

Mary , I met so many wonderful people there and most of the time were in the Morris clinic except for the 16 days we spent in the oncology unit of the hospital. They are so caring....

Lorri said...


I am sorry if you are going through something similiar It is not easy ..I am in the process of getting a Cancercaregivers book and journal to a publishers now that I wrote shortly after losing my John. Art is the only thing keeping me sane right now.

Diana said...

I am sorry to hear sbou your husband illness. I create art quilts because the process is so therapeutic for me. I am a healthy person, as far as I know, but creating my pieces feels so good to my soul.

I have always wanted to try and learn how to paint. I have never painted, however, I use my fabric as my paint to make my photo art quilts.

I would love to own one of your ATC's. If you would like one from me, just let me know.

This is my first visit to your blog and I will go back and read more.

Diana Bracy

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