Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does it seem like the year is almost over to you

I am sitting here thinking about all that this year has entailed and while most of it sad for me ....I still  had my moments. 

working the farmers market in Manteo and enjoying all of the fresh summer produce that we were able to get.

Adopting a new kitten who makes me laugh even in pyscho kitty mode. 

Camping in the mountains with my daughters , the dog and the cat. 

Taking my girls to Hiddenite to try their hand at mining , the way I promised them 11 years ago.

Getting to see my beloved friend Sandra and her family on the way back from the mountain trip and seeing the beautiful place she lives .

getting my etsy shop finally opened and making a few sales.

Cleaning out my storage unit to part with a past i don't need to think about anymore.

So I can create a brighter future....and make almost all my dreams come true.

GOD bless us all next year and may all your dreams come true....

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