Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family how it used to be

I can't believe I let this blog sit stale for so long...for that I apologize.

Today is a topic close to my heart.....FAMILY....I was blessed to grow up in a large family on both my mom and dad's side. My mom's mother MY NANA came from a family of 14 13 grew to adulthood....My greatgrandmother Janie raised them all on a farm less than 2 miles from George Washington's estate Mount Vernon. My Great grandfather left this earth and her and his family at age 40 of his own choosing. Thankfully they were very reliant and had a large farm to grow everything they needed to survive. from the hogs, chickens and cows, vegetables and the extra they had they would sell or trade for what they did need. I grew up between that farm my nana's farm where I would spend my summers and a apartment on fairhaven avenue and later a house on franklin street. I loved being part of this huge family and the unspoken traditions....Sunday dinners at either Great Granma's or Nana's. Made with fresh food so fresh sometimes it still had the dirt on it...eggs plucked from the chicken coop while dodging the evil rooster. fresh baked bread made from the flour ground at the GW Mill ....and later at home.

Pickles and other things that would be put up every season get everyone thru winter.

The house wasn't fancy ...but on a clear day from Great granma's room you could see Mt. Vernon It was white frame house with crowded bedrooms to raise all of the kids. My great aunts and one today is blessed to grow up in such a way, or it is very rare. There were barns and hog sheds and corn cribs house, root cellar for cold storage and all the other necessary out buildings and equipment.

BUT out of all of that came something time nor money could ever buy ....Love, respect and Support. If someone needed something they would get it somehow .. if they needed help repairing their home someone or many would be their to help. I loved them all and because of them I learned to love and accept people no matter how unusual they were.

We used to get together almost every other sunday for a big dinner.....and on major ...the fourth of July was awesome ....fireworks on the big front lawn....homemade peach and strawberry ice cream ....their peaches and strawberries. kids running everyhere catching parchuting army men landing from the fireworks. Letting the cows out one time to run down the middle of Route one ahhh that was funny to us but not the adults that spent the hour or so rounding them up.

This closeness and genuine family spirit is so special that I wish more people knew of it. There are still some us out there who know how to enjoy life and live it to the fullest with the ones we love. but many times more than I have found they tend to ignore their families because of work, or their own selfish concerns. Even when they important ones are sick...maybe even terminal they do not make the effort to share more of their time with them. Or to assist in anyway they can.

Its a shame ....they would receive such blessings of the heart if they did.

I will continue this tomorrow Boys and Girls....hahaha but remember love the ones your with.

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