Thursday, February 12, 2009

Art Quilts What I do to stay sane

I have been trying to work more and more on my art quilts I love to stitch things together.
I was suppose to be on vacation from work January and February but due to a medical emergency with my hubby i have not had much time to create. the piece with the gold flower I handsewed one night in a motel room in Durham it was my hubby's and I anniverysary and we had just found out his lung cancer was back.
So this piece was named Frustration. It is completely made out of remnants I bought in 5 minutes at Hancock fabrics nearby the hotel and the leaves I used real leaves I picked up out of the parking lot. It is all done with raw edge applique on a black wool background , gray and black checkerboard flannel ..all handstitched and quilted. I worked on while we sat in the waiting rooms at Duke.
The other piece is called Faith I made this one while I sat with hubby last week at the hospital after he fell and broke his hip. again raw edge applique and some fabrics i really really love.I call it Faith because it represents the holy trinity to me. GOD is very important to me and our family. As you can see i don't like being careful with my stitches Traditonal quilters probably cringe when they see my work ...that is why i like making ART quilts...when i tried traditional quilts they always turned out to be of the DORKY kind...nothing wrong with that they would keep you warm and look good at a distance....but to a "REAL" quilter they lacked alot.
You should know I never go anywhere with out my bag of tricks is stuffed with snippets of stuff...threads...beads...and much more. I cannot sit still and not do something. Friends who have seen my bag can't believe it...
but you never know when the mod will strike or you have 10 minutes or more to create.
what is this all about ??? it is to remind you to take care of yourself ...always find time to create it can save your sanity .....or at least i hope it does ......BREATHE


Franie said...

Hugs Lorri! I love everything I see here! Do you use the computer to print out the words on your creations? I love how you incorporate everything. Beautiful!

Lorri said...

the piece on the january 3 post...I actually fussy cute the words out of fabric I had bought ..which i love that fabric.
the rest of it is made from tye dyed flannel batik.. which i also love.

lad you like my stuff ...nothing fancy just fun....

Lorri said...

the keeping the faith words on the arch were written on artist grade shrink art film then baked and shrunk I punched holes in it before cooking so I just sew it on

Tammy said...

Thrilled to have discovered your Blog - one can never have too many fairy godmothers. I love your Art Quilts Faith and Frustration. A lovely way to deal with all that life is throwing at you right now.

Vivien said...

It is important to take care of yourself when life throws curves. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family; here's to a quick recovery for your husband!

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