Monday, March 2, 2009

The Simpler the better sometimes

I may have posted this last year when I first created it , not sure but its one of my favorite pieces....It is two loons in love sitting on a piling at the beach. I love the shape of the loon it is smooth and simple and just lets your eye see it for what it is a elegant little bird with a crazy name. It is properly known as a Cormorant and they love to winter can see them every where and sometimes you will see them with their wings spread wide welcoming the winter sun to warm them and give them lifeforce. Their lives are so simple fly, swim and eat...
and occasionally bring a smile to a passerbys face such as mine.
The loons are created from a Batik flannel the picture does not due them justice...the colors are much more vibrant and pop at you from the texture of the flannel. The moon is a gold silk, and the arch and background are two different color browns of sueded panne.
I made this piece as a gift for my hubby. The first 3 of this design I made very simply and sold right away...without even getting pictures of them. Their message is simply enjoy the simple things of life. Breathe....

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Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lorri! Beautiful piece! Such a great gift to give your hubby, too! The message is perfect.

Lisa :)

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