Friday, January 15, 2010

Tales to share

Since I have no more new work to share just yet...I have been blasting the studio...VBG

I decided to share another of my talents with you . 

I am a 16th Cherokee and because of it I learned to do storytelling from a Cherokee Elder.
I worked many pow wows (Native Gatherings telling my stories to young and old alike)

So now I want to share some with you , they all have morals at the end

The Turtle and the Coyote

Once when the moon was full the coyote was so tired he slept through it all.  And as we all know they are suppose to howl at the moon every night .  Some say it is to pray and some say it is just to let everyone know all is right with the world.
The next night when he was suppose to howl at the moon Coyote tried to stay awake but just couldn't.
He saat there mumbling during the day as to what he could do to stay awake...Turtle heard him and asked him if he could help.
I don't know how you can help you are just an old turtle who sleeps all day.
But Turtle said then I can help, coyote laughed because he could not see how.
Well today when you go to sleep , let me sleep under your chin and when the moon rises I will let you know when it is time to get up.
Well Coyote didn't trust that Turtle could help..but he agreed to the plan.
He let Turtle crawl under his chin, but Coyote tried to stay awake because he just couldn't trust Turtle.
When Turtle tried to wake up Coyote by talking to him , Coyote would not not wake , he was so tired from trying to stay awake that Turtle could not wake him.
Now Turtle knew Coyote would be mad if he let him sleep through another night , so he reached up opening his mouth and gave him a great big bite.
Coyote jumped up with such a howl that his head went back and looked as you would see him howling at the moon.
Well Coyote was so upset with Turtle that he did not sleep that night and next day he slept and woke up when the time was right.
From then on Coyote is always awake to howl at the moon and Turtle is there to remind him that he has 13 panels on his shell to keep track of each full moon, and you should always trust your elders.

By Lorri Arakuna "Raccoon"


Tammy Freiborg said...

Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the storytellers just as much as my kids when I used to take them for the special events at the library. Gezzy and Winston look adorable together. Always fun to see cats and dogs getting along!

Sally said...

You are indeed a lady of many talents!
Now - I need to know if you can make something I want. (of course you can!) I need to know approx cost and if you're even interested in making a few. They are candle jar jewelry. They simply look like a charm bracelet that goes on top of, say a 22 inch Yankee Candle. They come in "styles" like cats, dogs, pigs, snowmen, valentines, etc. If you might be interested in making some, I'll send you a photo! Hope you and Winston, Gezzy and the gang are doing well.

Lorri Lee Chambers said...

Hi Sally , thanks I plan on putting a few more of my stories up here .

Yes I can make those for you, send me a pic .

I sent you a email from iseasunrises sorry about the virus I don't know why the computer didn't catch it....

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