Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Weekend of Healing

I spent a wonderful weekend with friends and positive energy while I participated as Storyteller, teacher and vendor at the Dancing Moccasins Pow Wow here in Frisco , North Carolina.  Frisco Native American Museum has been energizing the spring every year for the last 12 years with  this Pow Wow. I have missed the last 3 years because of John's illness and then passing one year ago today.  I just didn't know how much.

We had an amazing new dance circle , which my daughter Larisa (aka Beaver ) spent most of the weekend dancing in with all of the other wonderful dancers that traveled near and far to be there.  A Pow Wow is a gathering to honor the Creator and Mother Earth and share fellowship among each other.  We wear colorful regalias (not costumes) that many times have been passed down from our ancestors. Each has a meaning and purpose.  I am part Cherokee , My great great grandfather coming from the Eastern Band Cherokee on the Tennessee/North Carolina Border.  and my children are half Taino as their grandparents from Puerto Rico were descended from the first nation to encounter the European .   So their vast history is very important to them.

I taught children how to make Personal Pouches ( PC term for Medicine bags) and had a wonderful time doing it ...each child was allowed to pick a shell from a vast collection for their treasure to put in their bag.
I also did Storytelling of stories I wrote over the last 20 years.  The kids were so anxious to learn, there were many other classes available soapstone carving, feather painting, primitive weapons, weaving and more.I also sold my jewelry and leather bags and rocks specimens.

But best of all the energy that surrounded us despite the threatening rain which eventually gave up was so healing for those of suffering from broken hearts and souls.

 But I felt my Hubby there saying you belong here, you love this as you loved me and let it heal you as you need to be.  I know you will never forget me ever.   I had my moments especially yesterday at 1:11 pm and again today as cards came in the mail, or phone calls.

I am stronger than I have been in awhile and will go forward as I need to , looking towards the farmer market and art events this summer.

Have a Blessed day and enjoy a few of the photos of me and the things I was doing this weekend

I am wearing a traditional shirt called a ribbon shirt which has a matching skirt for dancing when I am in full regalia. The next picture is of my daughter at our booth in her regalia, then pictures of some of the dancers.
The last pic is of one my tables with some of my jewelry and beadwork. 

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Tammy Freiborg said...

Definitely a tradition that should go on forever!! Coming together, music, dancing, sharing, learning! Your booth looks like a treasure chest of wonder and delight!

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