Monday, December 1, 2014

How do wishes come true? because of Me and you!

This used to be a thought I carried as a child...How do Wishes come true?  When I would share the snap of the wish bone with my beloved grandmother, or close my eyes and wish with every fiber of my body on a shooting star, or look for the elusive (today) four leaf clover to bring me luck.

But every one has wishes, some extravagant , a fancy car, very nice clothes, a fancy dinner waiting for them after a long day of work.

Me I have simple wishes...Money to put gas in my car, a job I make enough money I can afford to have a place on my own, my sweet puppy who passed away last week to still be with me, well that one is not simple.

 People to understand who I really am...oh you say who am I ? Well I am a creative soul who loves to make things ....ART...with her hands and her heart...and to sell that Art to people to enlighten their lives or the lives of their friends and family.   I love to design pieces that will make people smile, and to think about the special people in their lives, and what would make them happy.   Gee Whiz , Dad will absolutely love that 400th blue tie with red polka dots...or Aunt Sue loves when you give her fig preserves (Not she has hated them since the second jar you gave her) so she hides them in the pantry and either yearly throws away the old ones or re-gifts them to the mailman who now also hates Fig Preserves.

So you see when I received the nick name of Fairy Godmother it was because in my small  way I can make wishes come true...not for myself but for others.

Like the little girl when I owned my bead store, she was sent to me by other small business people who knew if anyone could make her wish come true ...I could.   What was her wish, her mother and her were on their first trip to the Outer Banks and she was wanted a Shell Locket to put their picture in to remind them of this very special trip.  I took a whole scallop shell, separated it , added a leather hinge, wired it with a loop and she got her locket.  my reward ? not the 5.00 I charged...but the sheer joy and happiness that flowed from that little girl.

I did and do this on a regular basis...last year I gave away to a little girl a beaded amulet bag I could see she really loved it and understood how special it was, her parents wouldn't buy it for her , even at a fraction of what I had it priced.  I am not telling you this to get a AWWwwwwwwwww  how nice, I am telling you this to inspire you to help people make wishes come true.

Yes I know its the Christmas season ...and many people turn ? Nice ? this time of the year , but don't people need  smiles and nice things and wishes come true  all year long.  I know I do wish , my one major wish is that people understand that I am a Working Artist , that wants to create my art , sell it , so I can create more...and in the process live in a nice small place with my pup, have food on the table and gas in the car.  I don't want to be rich, just comfortable.

So please if you are shopping this year for family , friends or even unknown surprises support small businesses and start with me.

Fairy Godmother Arts Make Wishes come true...

Lorri Lee Chambers the Fairy Godmother

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