Monday, August 29, 2016

So where have I been and what have I been doing?

I have been a very busy person, to start I finally moved back from Alexandria , Virginia to North Carolina ,,,,because my prayers were answered.  I have found the love of my life and I moved to be with him in May this year and we will celebrate our wedding December 21, 2016 , Winter Solstice at a beautiful restaurant in a little town called Belvidere that is a Victorian Mansion turned restaurant.

All the goodness that came with this blessing is I now live in a old farmhouse over a 100 years old on 6 acres of property that has over 90 North Carolina Wildflower species growing on it and my Sweet Bob is a Private Lands Biologist that specializes in helping people develop Pollinator plots.  We had the most amazing collection of butterflies and flying critters visit this summer.

So we live in the middle of farmland just north of Edenton, North Carolina.  It is beautiful and peaceful. 

I have a studio on the second floor of the farmhouse that is south facing with 4 big windows and tremendous views.

I am inspired to sit down and create my jewelry and my art which I have been selling at my favorite farmers market in Manteo, NC ,     I also have it in a quaint little artist cooperative gallery called Studio 32 in Sunbury , North Carolina just a few miles from our home.

I am working hard to build my business now that I have a awesome Studio and time to just sit and create my art, my bead woven necklaces , my art quilts , my fabric paintings and other creative endeavors ,    so keep checking back and if you need a special art or treasure I still love creating Custom Orders .  email me at

My Studio is called "Through the Creating Glass" to honor my love of Alice In Wonderland

JW My supervisor telling me to get to work

Floxxy the Weather Fox 

What my studio looks like when I am working

Before Work er,,, Creating

My studio Storage

I love my space and my man who loves me enough to let me have my space

I enjoy watching the sun rise through this window every morning
Some of my Fabric Art
My Fabric Paintings


My bead woven necklaces with pendants and charms

Bead woven easy to wear Pendant Necklaces with a variety of themes , Cats, dogs , horses, trees, flowers , fairies and so much more , just ask

Anklets and Bracelets

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