Monday, October 3, 2016

The Holidays are fast upon US....time to think easy gift giving

My name is Lorri Chambers I have been an artist literally all of my life. I love creating in multiple mediums, and I am currently working on many wonderful designs.

I have new Pocket Shrines in progress. I have medals of many different Saints in stock after visiting Mother Seton's Shrine in Emmittsburg, Maryland this summer. What a beautiful site for such a wonderful Saint! I can make the cases in any color you choose. Most cases are created from recycled High End Designer Fabrics recycled. I started making the Shrines after my Devout Catholic Granma came to me in a dream and told me to make them. She had made them for my Grandfather when he was in the Navy. That was almost 9 years ago. She was a very special 4 foot 11 Grandma. For days after I had the dream, friends came to me handing me bags of medals from their families and telling me they knew that I knew what to do with them.

Just send me a conversation about the medals you desire

Bead Weaving is an old art of sewing one bead at a time; I use many different stitches. I love working with the beads because it is a very meditative process. My bead woven necklaces, bracelets, brooches, lanyards, hair pieces, and other pieces are all sewn with an expensive High Tech thread that allows me to guarantee my work forever. If something should happen to it, I will gladly repair or replace.

My designs incorporate bright colorful offerings that fit that special soul that is the individual that does not want to blend in but to stand out as the beautiful being they are. Be the True Person Who YOU ARE! Requests for Custom Designs are gladly welcomed.

My pendant necklaces I have many different designs available: all animals, insects, or art. Just ask and I will email the ones based on the subject you desire.

Fabric Art Paintings and Postcards

I love the tactile feel of fabric and working with the variety of colors is a dream come true. I started creating the fabric postcards in 1999 as a way to swap with people all over the world. I received such amazing treasures and decided they would make great gifts that are easy to mail. Then the recipient just pops them into frames and enjoys them forever. Custom designs and themes are available. I can create cards from your photos of pets, homes, and special places.

My fabric paintings are created the same way only they are larger and sometimes smaller than the postcards. Some are mounted on gallery-wrapped canvases or boards. They are easy to install and love. I bring to life many ideas: houses, birds, landscapes, trees. You just have to ask.

So please take a stroll through my work and I know you will find something you must have!

Have a wonderful day!

Make your wish come true!!!

Some of my bead woven Pendant necklaces

Lady Kit Kat  Necklace $29

Elephant Love  $29

Mermaid Magic $29

Dragonfly Dreamer  $29

Horse pendant necklace 18 inch length button and loop easy on closure $29
bead woven guaranteed for life
Amber glass beads , teal and green very pretty bracelet 7 1/2 inches

Wooden Elephant bead on one inch wide amber teal and green Peyote Stitch Bracelet  $35
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Jade Stone Dog with vintage carnelian faceted beads in a necklace 20 inches long. $29

Pocket Shrines , ask for whatever Saint you desire or just a simple cross ,
 they are 3 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches tall fold and fasten with a button  $20 each


4 inch by 6 inch fabric postcard ready for framing just mail first class stamp
All sewn on my trusty sewing machine "Stitches"    $12

You will love my Mom's Art and I won't have to eat Peanut Butter Sandwiches


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