Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Our we ever really independent ....we grow up become adults but there are few who can walk this life totally alone... we depend on a doctor to bring us into this world ...we depend on our parents and family to raise us up to be respectable...kind...loveing ..human beings. We depend on our friends to support us and help in times of need as they depend on us to do the same. WE DEPEND on GOD to bless us and let us grow to a wonderful old age enjoying our lives and living through the trials and tribulations of life...and then when the end comes ...we have been raised to depend on the pearly gates opening and letting us into heaven all our sins of the life we led have been washed away by the blood of CHRIST.

so we are never really independent...and isn't it a wonderful thing...

Today we depend on the soldiers fighting around the world to keep us safe from terrorists who do not believe we should live...they do not know what a happy life is ....So on this day I salute those men and women...many too young and some too old who fight to keep us safe

Today we walk this world we live..
because soldiers gave all they had to give...
they made the sacrifices of Life or Limb
So today we stand in a Free land...
So remember why we Celebrate Independence Day
and proudly watch our majestic flag wave...
It is because someone refused to see us suffer in a country
where GOD did not live because they gave all they had to GIVE
Keep US FREE and BLESS the Ones whom we cannot see.
Lorri Chambers
July 4th 2007

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