Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being Creative saves my sanity

Last week I finally finished my largest art quilt to date..."Message in a bottle" and another for my hubby for valentines day called "looner love" two loons in front of a full moon ...I will post pics tomorrow I only just got back from Duke Hospital with my hubby yesterday, where he underwent successfully another brain surgery .

I spent my time hand sewing ATCs, fabric postcards and a New Art quilt called Life ..while we were there. The above pictured pieces are Postcards I created for Surface Designs group I belong to on Yahoo...I have belonged for almost a year and have had so much fun creating these small pieces of art and fine tuning techniques. the top two are Poetry PCS, I printed pictures and the poem on ink jet artist canvas and then cut them to size to embellish.
The lower card is a Postage Stamp design the challenge was to create your own Stamp...I chose the heart it takes to love ourselves, the spiral signifies the creative spin. and the hand the means to bring all things great together. Surface design inspires us through many trades to push ourselves and spend time creating. It is why I finally thought I was ready to pursue my love of art quilts again.

I make the ATCS to give away now because I can create more of them to give than I can the small art quilts.

I was off work on Winter Hiatus as I live and work on the Outer Banks where the Wright Brothers first flew ...So I spent all that wonderful time ...redoing my studio ..and creating the pieces I mentioned above.

It is a wonder what you can accumulate in a short period of time. And after seeing what I have in my stash here I want to get into my stash that is unfortunately in the storage unit I had to rent after I closed my 2000 sq foot bead store and art gallery. I have so many bags of fabrics and stuff that I accumulated...that I want to get too...

I love to embellish my Art quilts with everything ...It is amazing where you can end never know what you will use or add at that last minute that makes it just right....

So always make time to be creative ...whether it is sewing or writing a friend a lovely letter or just doodling some small landscapes...

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Faye said...

Really nice, Lorrie. You are so talented with your quilting. Faye

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