Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did I get Lost ????

Wow has it really been since October 2 since I have been here to post....

Well lets see I had been busy working managing one of the best gift shops on the beach...full time in season requires 50 plus hours a week....its alot of hours and I am a old lady but I managed to do pretty good. The Store is called Something Fishy ....and yup you guessed it we sell decorative fish things...plus beach decor, clothes ... heck I don't think there is much we don't sell. Its in a beach shack that is made up of 4 rooms and a porch where I like to sit when its quiet and listen to the ocean crashing on the beach.

We closed January 6th for Winter Hiatus... and will reopen March 1st ...But I have been going in and taking care of the merchandising for all the new product I purchased for the store in Dec.

January 7th was a big day for me ...I turned 50 years old....wow where did the time go.....

And did I have fun??? Just kidding ... John turns 60 February 21.. and our youngest grandchild turns 2 on the 17th .

So guess what I did while I was off from work.. I finally got a working studio together its not perfect but I can go in sit down and sew or work on my treasures. My new studio has huge windows I can look out while sitting there and I love to watch the squirrel races... they are so funny ... and have some little Carolina Wrens that like to come and say hi.

I belong to a online group in Yahoo called Surface Design ...and I had signed up for a lot of trades before I went back to work ...I had been unable to get them all done ...well I spent the first week off ...finishing them I made some really cool stuff. the piece above is a fractual study wallhanging I call facing Fractuals...quite interesting.

I have managed also to get two art quilts done one which is for a upcoming quilt exhibit here on the beach.. Its called "Message in a Bottle" I will post a pic later.

John and I went to Duke this past Thursday for his checkup with the radiation oncologist the one that found the brain tumor....he got another all clear...Thank You LORD....He goes again April 29th . Work is slow here right now in Construction so he has time to rest...a little more than ususal although he doesn't like it.
Winston well is Winston .. He is almost 8 months old .. weighs about 50 pounds and is one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned. Unfortunately for me John has spoiled him ... but he is a great companion for us ...and I am very glad we have him ....

I pray and hope all is well with you and yours....and keep all those whom I know close to my heart.....

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