Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why make ART QUILTS????

Many people look at my work and say oh those are nice...but what are they????

I proudly tell them Art Quilts and try to educate them as to what they are and how they are made.

I still receive a quizzed expression on their face , so I ask why .
Their response is well if you are such a artist why not do paintings with oils, acrylics or watercolors.  The same design would look lovely that way.  that way???

What makes my way wrong...or not to their liking...Does Fabric make it less art ???does fabric mean its not acceptable as art.

I love my art quilts and making them because I love the feeling of the fabrics and the look of the fabrics , the textures the way maybe a piece will cause a little pucker , making it not perfect,,,but I can't make it perfect , only God can make things perfect.  

Native American Artists always make a "mistake" in their designs on purpose.

When you create a Art Quilt you are taking something you had no control over the color or texture(Commercial Fabrics) yet it inspires you to put it together with other pieces that somehow emerge themselves into something beautiful and glorious.  but then sometimes they turn out a little funky , and wonky... but they will bring a smile to those who see them.  I love to hand stitch some pieces such as the parrot I have included the pic of ...I spent an entire weekend  finding the right fabrics then designing and cutting out the pieces then hand sewing them to the bacground and finally hand quilting the entire piece this one was 20 inches by 24 inches.  I didn't have a sewing machine to do any of the work.

Look at nature and the multi color crazy patterned fish you see ,,,are they any less of a fish  because of their individualistic coloring. 

That is what Art is all about , the individual soul being opened for others to see and feel and bring a joyful smile to their face.

So why do I make Art Quilts because my soul demands it and I have no choice but to listen as it allows my heart to heal (never completely) and my life to go on with a meaning all its own .

Think outside the box and Paint with some fabric today.  Having a creative block ...go outside with your camera and just start taking pics of interesting things,  don't allow yourself to think why in the world am I taking a pic of that then when you  get back inside just pop them on the computer and you will I am sure find something that will blow up that creative block.  Have a great day


Em said...

And I CELEBRATE that you take the path that is mind-boggling to some. You are so talented! Look forward to following your blog! Em

Lorri Lee Chambers said...

Thank You so much

Tammy Freiborg said...

People need to be educated to see art as a creative process in everything we do not just Fine Art paintings. Your quilts are beautiful!

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