Saturday, March 20, 2010

Don't sweat the small stuff, Create it....We can do whatever our hearts desire

When My husband first started going for his cancer treatments in 2006 I knew there was no way I could sit for hours on end doing nothing , I am just not that type and reading doesn't cut it either.  So I put a bag of magic together that I could sit and sew small pieces of Art in those many long hours.  This picture is some of the many Fabric ATCS  I created and gave away to the people I met who were either going through treatment or supporting someone who was.  I have no idea how Many I made in the 3 years we fought the battle.  I even did some small quilts by hand and one larger piece for a auction for the CARING HOUSE in Durham, an adult cancer care house.  So why am I sharing this today.  Because even tho John and I lost his battle with the Beast  almost a year ago ...people are revving up for relays for life and other cancer support events.  If you can't give money do the next best thing give a piece of art they can sell or your time.  You will feel a wonderful sensation in whatever little thing you can do.  If you are blessed enough to meet a survivor then take in that blessing and enjoy the gift they have received.  If you meet someone like me who lost their love and soulmate just take our hand and say nothing  or give us a hug.  There will never be words for the pain we feel...and no we never get over it.  As people so often tell me lately, well its been almost a year , John would want you to get over it.  What, you want me to forget the most wonderful thing in my life next to the birth of my children or the family I was blessed to be born into.  It can't and won't happen.  But I will find a path in my life that allows me to continue on ,  Part of that is finding a way to get my store back open and I have decided when I do , the basis of the store will be spontaneous learning...taking classes when you have a couple of hours one day...instead of waiting 6 weeks.  I used this in my first bead store and will now expand it to every medium I can do, and there are many plus get other artists to come in and teach.
But there will be one more thing anyone who is fighting cancer or is a cancercaregiver will be able to come in and take classes for free.  They need that creative outlet , Fighting any illness is hard , but the battle with cancer does not play fair, it makes you sick, even if you are not the one with cancer. It causes you stress and worry beyond your control , that you cannot show the one who has cancer , you must always have a positive attitude.  One of the things that came out of John and I's battle was I wrote a simple cancercaregivers journal with things caregivers need to know.  I want to get it published but right now I am trying to figure out how to do that.  I want it to have fabric quilted covers so that it will give comfort in just holding it.  and pages for those scary thoughts to be written down so you can get rid of them.  In Order to get this done I have decided in 4 weeks I will be placing ATCS on my etsy store and Fabric Postcards all the money I raise from those special items I will use to make up as many journals as I can and get them to people who need them.
So don't sweat the small stuff Create it.   Please check back and when I have everything ready I want all of you to help me get the word out.  I try to never ask for anything ...but this is one time I need help to get my dreams to come true.  Blessings to all of you and always remember to ask for a Miracle .

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Carol said...

Very well said. Good luck with the book it sounds like a wonderful idea.

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