Friday, March 8, 2013

Outer Banks Paradise Photography

I have stepped back to something that has always held my soul and am now enjoying once again the aspects of professional photography.   With my Canon EOS Digital SLR I have been blessed with many wonderful photographic opportunities...

So my new goal is to continue sharing what I love about the Outer Banks with everyone through my new blog, and my business of capturing Family memories for a lifetime.  As a photographer before I shot many weddings, family gatherings and even captured the Lighthouse Keepers Descendants of Currituck Lighthouse back in 2000.  I really want to take family portraits beach and other whereabouts ...and those cute little kids that I see would like to help their parents get great pics.

I will also be establishing a special collection of my photos for you to enjoy stay tuned to my blog  this is one of the more fun articles I have created.

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Why I create (my new name Lorri Lee Glennon)

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Having been a artist literally all my life, I love color and dimension.I learned to sew at age 10 , by age 13 started a stuffed animal business, which grew into a collectable Teddy Bear Business for 15 + years. I opened my own bead store specializing in Spontaneous Creation classes and love to teach everyone they could be creative and open the door to their imagination.I recently returned to one of my favorite art forms taking photographs my father gave me my first camera when I was a child and I have loved photography ever since. I took professional family portraits and weddings for the first 5 years living in the Outer Banks, I am now shooting Family portraits again and sharing my love of the Outer Banks through my blogs. Be creative, walk in faith and never give up....It all happens in God's time