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Fairy Godmother for Hire...sometimes you just need a little magic

I know you thought Fairy Godmothers only existed in Stories and Movies...well its just not so...

My Art is based on providing people with treasures they cannot find anywhere else.  I love creating Jewelry that can be safely and comfortably  worn by anyone... any time for any occasion. 
Bead work done one bead at a time   this is one of my newest designs  Fish in the Ocean bracelet

 All of my bead woven designs are created with no metal clasps, I use antique and vintage buttons , and are sewn with a very expensive high tech thread that allows me to confidently guarantee each and every piece I sell.  I mean what kind of Fairy Godmother would I be if my jewelry and Art fell Apart.  Prices are very reasonable Hair Clips starting at $10 , Earrings starting at $12.00 , Anklets and small bracelets starting at $20.00 and my beautiful one of a kind Beauty in a Broken Shell Necklaces start at $35.00.  Any item can be custom designed to your color preferences and themes.

Dog Collars are the latest addition to my offerings , I do bead woven pieces in fun , funky colors and designs , and can also add their names on the larger collars.   Again they are all guaranteed and are on cloth woven collars for comfort.  Dog Collars start at Very Small dog size for $24.00 , Medium dog $34.00 , Large Dog $44.00 and extra Large Dog $54.00 and Up , prices vary on the cost of the collar base . So sparkle your precious pup with what will soon be the latest rage ...
Chloe wearing Lavender Love Dog Collar  $44.00

Bead Woven Earrings Stars and Benedict Squares

House Postcards prices start at $24.00
 I also do textile Art creating small art quilts and fabric postcards, and Pocket Shrines which are pocket sized devotional triptychs that are made using antique and vintage crosses, Catholic Medals , Scapulars and more.  There are ones that are Rosary cases and I have vintage rosaries I put in them, or I can create one just for your blessed piece.  Each and everyone is unique and will only and always sell for $20.00 each despite the intrinsic value of the medals and crosses used.  they are beautiful small devotionals always with you to give you the extra peace and comfort of your faith.  They are not all strictly Catholic in Nature I can create any denomination or non-denomination.  Pocket Shrines were originally created for traveling servicemen in the 1930's and 1940's.  My Grandmother Keck was a devout Catholic and taught me as much as she could about the faith.  I am also working on creating a series of Wall Shrines in Fabrics similiar to the beautiful Antique wood and glass shrines she had hanging in her home.  My faith is very important to me and I love when one of my little Pocket Shrines finds its way into someones life who needs it.

My Art Quilts and Fabric Postcards are pieces that allow me to paint with fabric , and use all of the tactile senses I was blessed with.  My favorite theme in these are houses and I love making funky little houses in bright colors and designs. But I also do any Dog, Cat , Bird or animal. Provide me with a photo of what you would like and I will convert it to a piece of art.  Again I can create these in Custom requests.  My fabric postcards style can be converted to Wedding Invitations , Birthday Invites and more.

 So if you are interested in having Art and Jewelry that is totally different and or have friends who cannot where jewelry because of Allergies, email me today and set them free from a boring accessory challenged lifestyle.  Email me at

Mermaid Christmas Ornaments 7 inches tall all handmade $24.00

Beaded Amulet Bags or Prayer pouches can be made any size starting at $45.00

Bead Woven Necklace with rare stone pendant and antique beads

Fabric Postcard   Prices start at $5.00  they are all mailable art ready to frame by the lucky recipient and come in a clear mailable envelope mainly to distinguish them from the every day boring mail.

This piece took me hours to make and has been sold , but I can and am will to create such treasures by custom order

Beauty in a Broken Shell Necklace   $55.00 no metal guaranteed for life

recycled object art

4 x 6 inch fishy post with 3d metal fish card $8.00

Polymer clay dragons...

Beauty in a Broken Shell Necklace  $55.00

This was my first major bead woven Art Necklace over 80 hours involved stitching each tiny bead one at a time

One of my house Art Quilts     $125.00

Many of my bracelets that I have made in the show a variety of colors and designs.

Looner Love postcard  based on My Looner Love Art quilt

Some of my Art Quilts from a Gallery Showing...

doggy theme postcards

Beauty in a Broken Shell  Necklace this one is sold but was one of my favorites so I had to share..can do another shell in same colors

More Bracelet examples...

Beauty in a Broken shell Necklace , Purples and Grays  $55.00

This piece is amazing a antique LARGE Hollow Glass bead is the focal point with vintage looking carnival glass beads . This piece is one of a kind as I have had this bead in my treasure box for over 40 years...Price $145.00

One of a kind bead woven dragon sculpture bracelet the fire is the clasp the horns and decorations are real hematite. There will never be another one like it   Price $275.00

Freedom Dog Tag Necklace  $28.00

Beauty in a Broken Shell Necklace 30 inch long  $65.00

Anklet   $44.00

Anklet $20.00   No metal guaranteed against breakage and loss

fun earthy feel bracelet  $20..00

Pocket Shrine Open  folds up to a 3 1/2 by 1 inch pocket devotional  $20.00 each can do requested Saints and Crucifixes as well as Rosary cases

Pocket Shrine closed  made from re-purposed fabrics that are scotch guarded closed with antique buttons
Funky Necklace with vintage BW feather bead  no metal guaranteed
Vintage Ceramic "Egg" Bead beautiful necklace $35.00

Bracelet with Turquoise nugget $24.00

Hair clips can make them in any color  $10.00 a set and up

Benedict Earrings  $12.00

Single Hair Clip  large rosette $8.00

works in progress

I use vintage and antique elements such as this road runner in my work to create those special one of a kind pieces

I was a collectible Teddy Bear Artist for years and will occasionally still create one of my original all jointed characters on request

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