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What do I love to Create, How I do it...and the good that comes from it ...

 I am now offering the opportunity to take some fun Art Quilting Classes either in small groups or Individual , for a very reasonable fee.  I have many techniques I have developed over my last 41 plus years of sewing, creating with fabrics and making art to sell  email me at

Ok here is another one of my stories .. I started sewing when I was 10 yrs old the only place to buy fabric was the GC Murphy in old town Alexandria at that my granma would buy me some there but taught me how to recycle.  Then one day they built a new mall ...and in it was the most glorious place called Minnesota Fabrics*    well I started cutting lawns for fabric money...and they would put remnant bags together for 1.00 I am talking a BIG Huge bag of fabric...I would buy every one and then go through them and create was so much fun....miss those days...when I got married the price had gone up to 2.00 but I worked so I would buy them as many as I could..but just didn't seem to use it all,even though I made lots of clothes for our children, curtains , pillows, quilts etc.

 One day after a few years of living in our house my husband (yes that one) went into the attic and saw over 30 trash bags full of fabric and demanded I get rid of them, reluctantly we put them out to a yard sale (thinking would make some money to buy more) but I only sold a few pieces and was trying to figure out what to do with them , since they were not allowed back in the house.  A Priest pulled up to the yard sale in a yellow VW Bug, came over and was looking at all the bags of fabric.  He asked how much, I asked him what was he needing it for ....he said the church ladies made quilts for aids babies and other children.  I told him he could have it all...a look of disbelief on his face and a Are you kidding?  which sounded funny coming from a Priest...we helped him stuff about 5 bags in his car and he said he would be back later for the rest...he and the ladies came back and loaded up their cars.  A few months later I saw him and he told me they made over 150 quilts from those bags so far...can you imagine 150 happy children from something I had saved stash became a God Stash,,,,A few years ago I made a pact with myself to only buy 1/4 yard pieces from now on unless truly special ...and I have done pretty good...except for when people clean their stashes out and give them to me....have a blessed day and always look for the silver lame lining to our stashes

* I still shop there when I go to visit my mom , it is now Hancock fabrics, and when I learned to drive and got a car I would go  to Hollin Hall Variety a local five and dime that had the best "Quilting" fabric collection around then.     Hollin Hall Variety , one of the funnest places to go

I love to create with anything and everything ....I like to do what I call Rustic hand sewing...sort of a not so perfect applique and quilting.  Don't get me wrong , I am in awe of the people who do the sophisticated  intricate applique quilts with a gazillion pieces and is literally a masterpiece when done and then they throw it on a bed.   I wonder how many actually make it being on beds...??? hmmmmmm.

Right now I am trying to get back to doing embroidery  free form ,,, I have all of my inspirational books by Judith Baker Montano , I just added her "Free  form Embroidery "  to that collection, I just want a few years to sit down and do it all, that is not too much to ask.

Her work and techniques are so intriguing , you can help but walk in to them and become a part of it.

Update : April 2014 I moved back   to Alexandria, where I was born and raised as well as all my family on my mom's side. 

I am now available to teach my skills to other in workshops and sell my art work in the Northern Virginia area by appointment or local art and craft shows.

Well have a Blessed day and  Create   Imagine   Just Believe and DO.
Sunrise in the Outer Banks Fabric Postcard

Tag  crazy quilt, with "PAS" Dragonfly

Crazy quilt fabric postcard Dragonfly done with "PAS" Technique

Mermaid ornament hair made from trim samples

Recycled Fabric Wallets

Dress Postcard from a Challenge

Dress Postcard from a Challenge made with trim samples

Woven Fabric Tag

Art Quilt one in a series of 7
Moonrise on Currituck Bay
Some of my Art for sale at local Art Shows
Suitcase with all of my fabric and mixed media  postcards

Cat "painted" on fabric using Pantone markers

don't be chicken just create and dance
some of my Rustic Hand Sewing

No. 2 in the face series the back is layered strips of scrap under sheer

I love Houses and making them , and the great thing is that I can use the prettiest scraps like this one

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