Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Making the most of my Creative Energy?

I have found a wonderful place in my life where my creative energy is at a level I never expected.

And I am creating such whimsical Fabric Art Paintings , landscapes , florals, but my critters , my critters can only make you giggle. 

Each Painting is created one at a time using my sewing machine , bits of fabrics that are brightly colored , stitched using what I call frosting (Decorative Stitches) on my sewing machine.

I use the frosting to convey movement in my Fabric Art Paintings working with the designs in the fabrics.   Accentuating the waves in the water, making reflections of sunlight. moonlight and stars.

Stitching Birds across the sky.... air blowing across...the style is endless.

The first landscape is finished at 16 x 20 inches gallery wrapped on a Artist canvas making it easy to install in your home.    I used "water" fabric to express the reflection of the stars .  The trees are created using over 20 plus pieces of fabric to give them depth. 

                            This one is my favorite I love the motion and depth it expresses   It's size is 5 inches by 7 inches
Deep Woods (sold)

experimenting with 3-D additions

work in progress in my studio

16 by 20 inch 3-d knitting

16 by 20 inches "Happy Peace Pup"

16 by 20 inches  "What Goldfish? "  sold

Glory seahorse  (sold)

"Mellow Mel "  ( sold)

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