Saturday, March 15, 2008

Its not easy being ..........

This came to me because I wanted to say its not easy being a caregiver...but then I heard Kermit the Frog singing in my head ...along with the other little voices....that live there.

anyway .. I decided to write that Life is Not EASY ...PERIOD. But you know, what if you don't go through the rough patches even the really scary ones... you won't learn to appreciate the good ones and great ones even more. I have asked for and received 3 miracles...John's first diagnosis and 2nd and 3rd. We may not have wanted them but they found them before it was too late.

So we hope and pray.

For example ...when John was diagnosed with the lung cancer inoperable and the doctors at Duke said sure we can get rid of that ...and they did. A unfortunate side effect of lung cancer is the cells travel to the brain during the treatment and lay dormant ...then pow you find out you have a brain tumor(this is called a brain metaste). This happened to John in January 2007. That one was removed and treatment was performed to keep any others from coming back, at least we hoped We enjoyed life together...then on Valentines Day 2008 we were told another tumor was found.

That tumor was removed on February 21, 2008 John's 60th birthday. He is doing good but unable to work as the brain and the body has said enough is enough. This is hard for someone who has worked all of his life...So he gets grumpy. But I have to learn to deal with it ...Because I love him and he is still with me

So appreciate everyone in your life whether they are sick or not...because you just never know.


Linda Branch Dunn said...

So moved to ready your blog entry this morning. My husband and I have been together 25 years now - somewhere in our hearts we are still 25, but o yes every day is a gift, and each has a number on it though we never know which. Thank you for this reminder, and all the best, of strength and love and support, to you.

Faye said...

Lorri, what a touching reminder that life is too short to hang onto anything negative and that we should cherish each day with the ones we love.

Pat said...

I trained at Duke as a physician, although now retired, my heart goes out to you. I lost both parents to cancer,something that changed my appreciation of life. I am only 53, but I am enjoying my family and a new life as a fiber artist. I love to donate time to teach kids.I so understand how doing something beautiful and giving helps the person on each side. Someday in the future you will be so glad you could give the care you are now exhausted by.

Sue McGettigan said...

Lorri I hear you. My husband is a cancer survivor who is unable to work after his treatments (surgery and radiation) - it's hard on the patient and the family too. You battle through each day though, and hope for the best. I think this illness brings strange gifts with it, and yes, an appreciation of life. Hang in there!

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