Monday, March 3, 2008

Why FairyGodmother??

There are new people reading my blog who do not know much about me or who I really am...the block above was something I was working on for SAQA 12 inch block auction but she needs work so this one is a new piece for my studio.

I have been creatively involved in life since I was 4 years old ...and because of that I am able to decipher and solve many things that leave other people wandering. One of my gifts was that i was raised in a huge southern family 13 great aunts and uncles and cousins and family tradition and sharing was a big thing.

I have always tried so hard to make sure people are taken care of... I would share my lunches at school ...this training for lack of better words put me in a place where when I started creating I loved to share the things I made, if someone fell in love with something I made at a show I would work it out for them to take it home ...depending on the financial reward or not. Children especially have always made me melt. I love to share. But I also like to problem solve, and to me given the challenge I will rise to it. ok so I digress...

When I had my bead store and then bead store and art gallery ...we had such a huge following because we taught our jewelry basics for free and could prove to people even those who swear they could not make anything that indeed they could. and a short time later they would leave with a gorgeous necklace that was just perfect for them because they made it. We would help people of all ages the youngest being 2 yrs old to 90 yr olds learn to create. People would come back again and again to Ocean Beads to make gifts, or get help in starting their business because they knew I and my daughters would share gladly. It was then they started calling me their fairygodmother and the first year we were in business I created the saying "NOT all of us can be Cinderella But some of us can be Fairygodmothers" which basically ..maybe your not perfect in the model since ...but you can give your heart to those around you who need it.

Then when Hubby had to be at Duke Hospital in Durham for Cancer treatment I would take my small wallhangings to work on and give them away to patients and caregivers..then it became ATCS artist trading cards so I could make more and give away more...made it a point to give away a least one a day. I also started the Bead Tray at Caring House ( avery special place for cancer patients to stay when far away from home) and taught people how to bead and make jewelry and get their minds off their disease or loved ones disease. The tray will be 2 years old May 31,2008 and High school students have been going in and helping the residents. Also bead donations have come in from all over the world after I posted on bead sites about the need.

It is so much easier to smile and be nice than to be grumpy all the time and it is the best thing you can do for your health.

So my love of random acts of kindness are what garnered me my nickname FairyGodmother...

and I will always be happy to hear someone call me that.

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Faye said...

What a beautiful piece of art work! It's even more so because of the journal that you have going with in. I know you must have been an inspiration to the others in the cancer house that you were in. Thanks for sharing this. Faye

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