Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ok here I am

Friends have asked me many times because there are ones I have never met what do you look like.

Well I turned 50 in January .. I am not ashamed ....my mother actually looks better than me at age 70 when we are together people think she is my sister ... so she either looks really young or I look really old .. so I take that one. But you know .. you are only as old as you feel and If I was as old as I feel most days .. I wouldn't be here.. but you just cannot let yourself react ... you just jump forward and do what has to be done.

This Picture was taken yesterday at the quilt show where my message in a bottle quilt is hanging. This is one of my accomplishments for the year with many more to come.

Have a wonderful day .. and tell the aches and pain and bad moods to go sit in the corner.

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Sue McGettigan said...

What a small world Lorri - I've seen your quilt before when I searched for quilt block images on Google!! You're looking good, and so is your beautiful quilt :)

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