Sunday, September 27, 2009

A day at the fair

Yesterday I spent the day with my two daughters working a local art show here in Kitty Hawk. Its always a fun time with entertainment and good food and nice people.

I have posted three photos of my booth, the last one contains one of my visitors a local pirate.

As you will see I do many things, the back wall contains many but not all of my art quilts, then in the front of that is the jewelry I make...and to the right of that is some more jewelry and other art work I do, to the left is my seaglass jewelry surrounded by some of my photographs that my youngest daughter surprised me by getting enlarged and framed to sell. I will post some photos of my newest work tomorrow when I get them taken.

Then there is a picture of my fabric postcards that I make to sell, and I did sell a few most people have never seen them before but really thought they were cool and what a great idea, to send art in the mail.

but the most unusal thing that happened was Feline Hope our local no kill kitty shelter was set up across from us...and my daughter who has been bugging me for a kitten or puppy kept bugging me. I kept saying no , we already have 3 cats and dog, they brought in some gorgeous fuzzy gray babies(like maine coons) and well Gezabel(jezebelle, but we always have to have our own spelling) just said she had to come home...and she did .. I will post a pic later ...My daughter and I are very happy to welcome her...She joins Sniglet, Stuart and Missy Moo.

Have a great day and blessings to all of you as we go into Fall a season of abundance and harvest...Harvest well and prepare for the season to come but enjoy and give thanks.


Tammy said...

Sounds like you and your daughter found the best treasure - good thing the pirate didn't claim her. I love that flamingo postcard! You had a colorful booth.

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Lorri! What a great decorative booth of goodies! Your art quilts are so fabulous! I just love all of your one of a kind jewelry. And your fabric postcards are soooo lovely! You surely have many creative talents! Happy October!

Lisa :)

Sally said...

hi Lorri,

How is sweet Gezebel (Did I spell that right?). I hope you were able to get her tested this week and that she is fine and that you and Larisa are enjoying her!!

Lorri said...

Thank you everyone for your comments ...Sally Gezabel is spoiled rotten was trying to work in the studio tonight but she would have none of that she said I was only there to hold her...

Gezabel is our new kitten long hair grey tabby with white muzzle and paws....she is absolutely wonderful and was our prize for working a nice show.

will post pics of her soon

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