Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nuturing Creativity

This started as a simple request on Quiltart a group I belong too and took off so I want to share it here...the writer just takes control of me now like the artist.

Nurturing creativity

I was one who was born and when I was 4 years old my dad (I think he probably would have started earlier) started me painting and drawing I am not talking stick figures, but still lifes and animals and then later cartoon characters...every year I got Art supplies...and then as it my life progressed It was just always there. My Nanna spent one year making those placemats out of sequen waste and Aunt Lydia's rug yarn...where you wove the yarn in and out and then stitched the pieces together,

or spray painting mayonaise jars and other jars we saved then while they were wet we would roll them in Silver glitter. We made them for gifts and to give flowers away to people who needed a day of smiles.

.and then at age 10 I discovered fabric and beads and jewelry, My other Nanna bought old pieces at tag sales so you see I didn't stand a chance, and omgoodness a sewing machine, my mom's 1956 singer she had gotten for a wedding present that year...what a miraculous machine I could take one piece of fabric and another piece and this machine would stitch it together...and I could make things,,,like stuffies or teddy bears or pillows., whatever, I never did get good at clothes..not adult clothes , I made all of my chidren's christening gowns.

I went on to be a student teacher at age 13 for a summer,,,with a fabulous art teacher and she could make anyone's blossom of creativity bloom and that is me now I love teaching people they can be creative.

High school led to taking carpet remnants and cutting them in pieces and created a 4 x 8 foot landscape mural for the entrance of the High school...they picked me they knew I was crazy enough to do it and so I picked 3 friends and dragged them into that craziness but it turned out great...I also took every art class I could ...but some of my art teachers were different and wanted me to stick to the rules ...have you ever heard of anything so silly ...rules in art...A real artist (my opinion) pays no attention to rules just like the mural made out of rug scraps.

So you see I never stood a chance not only do I have to create I have to drag everyone else I can kicking and screaming into letting their blossom of creativity to bloom and never look back. That is why I loved my bead store I could teach people to do that and I miss it...but now I have a dream to go bigger ...a art school where you can go and let that happen no matter who you are or the $$$ you have.

Wow sorry ...but you can see my heart took over...So Just create or make whatever let your heart and soul guide you

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Anonymous said...

I was also introduced to drawing at an early age. Sadly, I did not pursue it as enthusiastically as you. But with retirement came the urge to once again pick up the paintbrushes, pencils, pens and be creative. The structure of being a drafter for so many years sidelined the creativity. But it is rising once more. Keep up the great work and good luck with the art school idea. That would be wonderful.

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