Saturday, April 28, 2007

Its good to be the Momma

I spent the day getting my 2nd daughter ready for prom ...I missed my oldest daughter's great event ...(long story) but not my dear Lizard's

She was so beautiful tonight ....I mean it absolutely amazingly gorgeous....her hair ...her dress the antique jewelry her sister found for her ...the makeup her Aunt Laura did...and then we went to the local gardens and sat her in this butterfly chair ...Oh my goodness thought I would cry right there...

My girls amaze me they are so beautiful , Laureta my oldest was glorious in her black and white polka dot dress ...matching shoes ...and red cats eye glasses ...she was going as the paparazzi for the 50's elegance theme red carpet night . could not have been more than I wished for my daughter's prom...they are going to be partying all night dancing until midnite then they change clothes and go bowling ...then the Y till 5:30 am ...once they are in they are in...

So glad I got to share this time with My girls....I love them so much

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fiberfanatic said...

She is beautiful, and the dress is gorgeous! I know you are so proud of her!! How delightful to find the butterfly chair, I want to buy one. The best time of my life was with my girls, and proms and graduation parties - they are now, all three, Mamas in their own right and I still enjoy them so much. Sadly they are in the South and I am in the Rocky Mountains - and I do miss them so much.

And I love your "fairy Godmother" reference....while all my friends were suffering from the Cinderella Syndrome - I was afflicted with the fairy Godmother syndrome. Loved sewing beautiful gowns and getting the girls ready for the ball!

hugs - Lainy

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