Thursday, April 19, 2007

Love under Construction

I just got off the phone with a God sent Friend ...we met at Caring House this past summer ...while my hubby was undergoing his cancer treatments...she was there undergoing treatment too. At first she was real quiet like a mouse just too her self...and then one night something emotional happened and she needed a friend, and that was it...Sandra and I were buds...I started people beading and finally got her to try it one night she got a few bracelets made but more important we each heartprinted ourselves through the love of our LORD. She helped me later thru a very rough time when I was scared...when hubby was found to have a brain tumor (which is Gone) we just support each other and know when one needs to talk.

We were talking today about how often people tell each other they love them..your kids ...your hubby...your mother..etc...

Please get in the habit...of saying I love you to those special people in your lives as people who deal with cancer and know you never know how long you have or when something tragic may hit...those should always be your last words to share.

Our love is the concrete foundation of life ...we are birthed out of love and we should die in love. Yes its hard at times...but so is the knowing you didn't say or do something and you never get the chance.

Ok that is my philosophy lesson for the day...GOD Bless you...and I LOVE you..

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