Friday, April 20, 2007

keeping life in stitches

one of the great things I found out last year was how relaxing hand sewing could actually be ...I am not talking the meticulous paying attention to a pattern cross stitching still don't think I could do that.

But taking fabrics and yarns and beads and funky threads and creating something truly unique and fun then passing it on to someone else.

Most of the pieces I made last year I gave away to patients and friends I met while sitting the many long hours in waiting rooms, with hubby while he underwent his treatments.

One particular day I met a young lady, a mom of a 9 year old who had been fighting ovarian cancer for 3 years...she was having a particulary bad day and too long of a wait for chemo. I gave her a bracelet ( I always carried things I could share hoping to brighten a bad moment) and she smiled for the first time in hours,she put it on and her very concerned husband just winked at me a wink of thank you. He commented on a small art quilt I was hand quilting of Pink Flamingos and how his 9 yr old daughter loved anything Pink...but especially pink flamingos.

I worked diligently and gave it to him before we left that day.

He was so thrilled to have something good to take home to his daughter on such a awful day. A day that I suspected would only occur a few more a Angel was circling his beautiful take her home to a heavenly life. I didn't know for almost a month ..and because of patient confidentialy I couldn't ask...but I had to know and so I asked and the nurse said indeed she passed. Not long after I gave her the bracelet or

the quilt for her daughter. But she is at peace and I know her daughter will always know her mom was loved.

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